Technology adoption in emerging markets quickens, with developers looking to meet the market

By Jonathan Hassell

Developing nations are not just developing economies. They’re actively consuming new technology at a rate that puts them among the fastest adopters on the planet. However, according to a Facebook research report profiled on The Next Web, reaching emerging markets and their consumers requires a focus on the following three key principles:

1. Reducing the friction that comes from creating passwords creates sticky engagement with an app or service

It makes sense. Often, the first interaction someone really has with an app or service is to create an account and choose a secure password. However, every app/service has different rules and requirements for passwords, making the process a bit like solving a puzzle. The report suggests asking for as little information as possible and using federation to create accounts using credentials people already have to eliminate a barrier to a positive first impression.

2. Using responsive, attractive design that works without a lot of fuss and can be customized to an individual’s own preferences brings people into your experience.

“From a design perspective, we found that any third-party product incorporated into an app would need to integrate seamlessly and become fully incorporated in the look and feel of the native app,” according to the report. “The right level of customization gave developers a sense of control and established greater trust.”

3. Mobile is the key platform to reach emerging market audiences

In many cases, mobile is the only way to gain a customer’s attention in emerging markets. The Next Web stated that Pew Research estimated a 40 percent rise in smartphone use over the past two years in some developing countries. Requiring only a phone number (which all mobile customers would have) to sign up for a service is specifically outlined as a best-case scenario.

These emerging markets represent golden opportunities for brands to find new audiences and foster lasting engagement. By following these guidelines suggested by researchers, apps can help leverage these fast-adopting groups.

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Jonathan Hassell

President, 82 Ventures

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