New mobile retailing technology combats identity theft and fraud

By Jonathan Crowl

Mobile retailing is about to get safer thanks to a new technology that better protects consumer data. According to Digital Journal, Retail ID Mobile is a secure mobile platform capable of identifying security threats and preventing fraud in a retail environment.

Developed by authentication software provider Intellicheck Mobilisa, the technology also upgrades the mobile customer experience, providing a solution that doesn’t need to be integrated with existing mobile point-of-sale technology. As Digital Journal points out, Retail ID Mobile is an extension of Retail ID, an existing security software that has become the industry standard for retail fraud prevention.

Retail ID Mobile will soon be launched in two department store chains, and the company plans to expand quickly. Intellicheck CEO William Roof says the mobile product was developed through collaboration and conversations with existing retail clients.

“Many retailers have begun deploying their retail IT systems on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones,” Roof said in a statement. “We identified a clear path to supporting their new mobility requirements, while, at the same time, supporting our clients’ desire to avoid the cost and time associated with retail point-of-sale systems integration.”

Roof noted that Retail ID Mobile is designed to be more cost-effective by providing additional features that eliminate the need for point-of-sale integration. That’s a critical feature of the new mobile security platform, which aims to save retailers money and resources that would be spent to manage such an integration. Instead, Retail ID Mobile can be deployed quickly in a physical store, and the timeline for revenue recognition is faster.

By eliminating these barriers to deployment, Intellicheck expects retail adoption of the technology to happen at a much faster rate and without other obstacles that typically make companies resistant to new technology. In the end, it could mean more secure mobile retailing transactions and checkouts for customers.

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