Modern marketing strategies using AI to reach customers at prime moments

By Elizabeth Mullen

Modern marketing techniques need to shift away from simple marketing automation and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in order to better reach customers. This improved engagement is necessary in order to increase conversions on the $280 billion in items left in online shopping carts each year, Kahuna Software CEO Sameer Patel and Head of Science Andrew Eichenbaum said in a recent episode of the CXOTALK series on ZDNet.

Additional data, additional insights

With the increased availability of individualized consumer data available from today’s mobile devices, retailers can better understand customers’ preferences and habits to target their outreach on a more personalized level. For example, rather than sending emails when the most customers are likely to react, retailers can craft a message that is sent by an automated platform when a user is most likely to open and react to it.

“The right way to engage with Michael based on machine learning is 7 p.m. on Thursday nights, via email, because that’s when he seems to be on his laptop and he seems to want to engage and buy stuff,” Patel explained. “You have to start as a marketer to decouple the smarts of the system and where you want to engage with people. This is where the technology has fundamentally shifted from what were truly nothing more than email delivery machines.”

In a separate interview with The Huffington Post, Patel said brands can deliver 10 times more value by leveraging mobile data in their marketing strategies and using several data sources, including smartphones, wearables and beacons, to influence a unique message delivered “respectfully and gracefully” that will complement their needs.

“It is about bolstering end-consumer contextual intelligence leveraged to create mass personalization at scale,” he said.

Embracing an AI experience

This technology is not completely foreign to retailers, as 66 percent of respondents to a recent survey said they already use AI in some manner in their marketing strategy, according to Business News Daily. More than one-third use AI in search, 33 percent use it to improve product recommendations and 26 percent use it for programmatic advertising and data analysis.

AI isn’t just disrupting the retail industry — public relations professionals are exploring opportunities to use the technology to assist their outreach, Forbes reported. The strategy is similar to the retail model: By better understanding the needs and preferences of their targets, PR professionals can refine their messaging, timing, frequency and calls to action to elicit increased response rates and improve their relationships.

In the future, AI programs will be poised to become exponentially more helpful in modern marketing as data sources proliferate and systems become more educated about users’ habits.

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Elizabeth Mullen

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