Mobile World Congress 2017 day 3: Inside the cognitive IBM booth

By Jenni Klinger

The First Thinking Sculpture

The shimmering sculpture that suspends above the IBM booth looks influenced by both nature and architecture. Its pattern of geometric shapes made out of dichroic film seems to morph as colored lights transition from blue to yellow to green and swaying chains change position.

The sculpture was created with IBM Watson and inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudí. It picked its own materials, colors, shapes, and design through the use of cognitive technology. IBM Watson analyzed Gaudí’s art and literary pieces and music influenced by the city of Barcelona to create the design of the sculpture.

Michael Szivos and his team from SOFTlab brought the sculpture to life, echoing the shapes and designs of Gaudí’s pieces. Each funnel of the installation analyzes different sets of data to bring the sculpture to life, moving the chains to reflect the emotions of the moment through tweets.

Digital Reinvention Lift

In today’s dynamic marketplace, companies need to ensure their customers’ experiences are engaging, use data to uncover insights and opportunities, and find ways to leverage the IoT to develop new revenue streams:  all with the goal to be more relevant and competitive in the market.

Through a virtual reality experience, attendees of the IBM booth got to learn more about digitally reinventing their businesses. Through the experience, participants got the opportunity to:

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences using customer insights and omni-channel engagement to create loyal customers.
  • Center their business around data to proactively manage services delivery.
  • Provide new, powerful digital experiences and revenue streams quickly by embracing the IoT and using data.

USA Cycling Women’s Team

The USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit improved by 3.42 percent from 2015 to their recent medal-winning performance in 2016 with the help of IBM Watson IoT, cloud, analytics, and mobile technologies. This booth experience starts by presenting the analytical challenges faced by the coach and team during training. It then moves on to the innovative mobile, IoT, analytics and weather data solution developed by IBM. Next, those at the booth can see the monitoring and feedback solution in action and its influence on the team’s performance in 2016.

Missed what happened on Mobile World Congress day 1 or day 2? We’ve got you covered. Tomorrow, we’ll cover the fourth and final day of Mobile World Congress 2017.

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