Mobile management solutions partnership will have a major impact on diabetes care

By Jonathan Crowl

LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company that manufactures glucose monitors for diabetes patients, is partnering with mobile management solutions provider WellDoc to integrate mobile technology into their monitors, according to Med Device Online. This partnership could lead to smart technology that has the power to improve the performance of glucose monitors, thereby helping persons with diabetes better manage their own care.

WellDoc has a history of addressing medical needs with mobile solutions. In 2013, the company introduced the first Type 2 diabetes mobile prescription therapy, which was eligible for insurance reimbursement and received approval from the FDA. At regular intervals, the prescription app notifies patients that they should test their glucose levels. In an effort to help patients better manage their condition on their own, the app also provides motivational and educational coaching in real time.

Making lifestyle changes ranks among the most important aspects of managing Type 2 diabetes and is one of the biggest challenges that healthcare providers face; convenient mobile apps can help patients make those changes. As Med Device Online reports, a 2011 clinical study found the hemoglobin A1C levels among app users decreased by almost three times the amount of those of a control group.

Huge opportunities in mobile medical tech

Mobile technology in medical fields presents a huge opportunity, and investors are eager to get in on the ground floor. As part of its LifeScan partnership, WellDoc received a round of Series B financing from Johnson & Johnson, Merck Global Health Innovation and other venture capital investment firms.

Mobile technology in the medical space could be very useful because of the personal engagement it can foster with patients. A big point of concern is ensuring that patient privacy and security is maintained at all times. But given the fact that the FDA signed off on WellDoc’s past medical tech, and approved it as a prescription technology, it looks like the medical community is warming up to the idea that mobile tech can serve as an invaluable tool to integrate into their field.

It’s clear that mobile management solutions can help patients stay on track with their treatments, especially when they’re out of the oversight of their medical providers. If this technology is able to help motivate lifestyle changes that traditional methods have struggled to produce, it will further illustrate mobile’s value to the medical industry.

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