IoT technology to surpass the human population in this week’s #MobileMonday

By Joe Hewitson

In this week’s #MobileMonday, we have news of Cameroon’s burgeoning mobile development and some intriguing use of anonymous mobile data to help track poverty. In addition, the world’s population will soon officially be outnumbered by its IoT technology. Oh yeah, and there was a big football game a couple weeks ago that had people using their mobile devices like never before.

Limited internet access in Cameroon, but mobile tech thriving in other African areas

English-speaking citizens in one specific region of Africa may not be getting a fair shake when it comes to internet access. The Cameroonian government is reportedly restricting aspects of internet use in areas with predominantly English-speaking people.

Despite this, Africa is still in a good place when it comes to mobile technology. For instance, app developers in Kenya are helping women with weight-loss goals, Volkswagen and MasterCard are launching new mobile services and startups are raising more money than ever.

Satellite imagery and phone records used to create detailed maps of poverty

With a combination of anonymous mobile phone data and satellite imagery, researchers have constructed some impressively detailed maps of poverty throughout Bangladesh. The ultimate goal of the project is to help the United Nations track poverty in a more efficient way. With mobile data, information can be updated far more frequently as locations and destinations are bounced around cell towers.

IoT technology will surpass world population this year

In somewhat surreal, if not entirely unsurprising news, the number of IoT devices is set to leapfrog the human population this year. This arena has expanded incredibly fast, and 2017 appears to be an important year for the technology’s growth. According to Gartner, the IoT could grow by as much as 31 percent this year and represent 8.4 billion total devices. Consumer exploration of the market is a driving factor, with 63 percent of these devices being privately owned.

Mobile device usage peaks during NFL championship

The big game has come and gone. Some left heartbroken that their favorite team couldn’t quite keep it together. Others left elated at the prospect of improbable victory. Either way, people were on their phone — a lot. Research by Adweek shows that mobile device activity climbed to new heights during the game, with usage soaring 32 percent higher than previous Sundays at times. Considering that mobile devices accounted for 82 percent of those trying to relive the game’s ads, there’s never been a better time to iron out your mobile strategy.

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