IDC: Mobile security products market ruled by three innovators

By Taylor Holland

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), three vendors of mobile security products — Skycure, Wandera and Zimperium — are leading the charge when it comes to keeping enterprises ahead of the latest security threats.

Released last week, the 2016 IDC Innovators report recognizes pioneers in the cloud-enabled mobile security products market. To be considered, the vendors have to make less than $50 million in revenue and have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model, an innovative new technology or both.

Mobile security takes priority

As more companies migrate their data and mobile apps to the cloud and workforces become increasingly mobile, security is top of mind for business leaders. As such, they are looking for sophisticated mobile security products that will protect their data, devices and wireless networks against malware, malicious hacking and other potential threats.

“A new category of mobile app security products is emerging to enhance security on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets,” Phil Hochmuth, IDC’s program director of enterprise mobility, explained in a press release.

The new products offer better threat monitoring in mobile environments. For example, they can search for malicious code, apps and network connections in real time. Hochmuth explained that these offerings often depend on cloud connectivity because they require advanced back-end analytics.

The winner’s circle

IDC called out Skycure, Wandera and Zimperium as offering some of the best and most innovative mobile security products.

Skycure protects mobile devices from threats at the operating-system and app level. It also helps secure devices connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots — the type of network connection IT professionals fear most.

Wandera monitors enterprise data, devices, apps and mobile behavior to provide companies with visibility into potential threats and actionable insights to correct vulnerabilities.

Zimperium provides a mobile threat management platform that delivers real-time cyberthreat protection for mobile devices and apps. Though the platform includes a suite of mobile security products, IDC said Zimperium’s “flagship zIPS, an on-device mobile intrusion prevention system, separates it from the pack of mobile cloud security providers, as it relies solely on behavior anomaly detection.”

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