IBM adds push notifications to Bluemix for iOS and Android

By James O'Brien

Bluemix developers looking to send alerts to iOS and Android users recently received a new unified platform that is focused on managing push-based enterprise-to-customer communications.

IBM’s new platform features full capabilities for mapping app users to their respective device types. Unveiled on May 10, the Bluemix Dedicated Push Notifications service allows developers to broadcast, unicast and tag sendings throughout both iOS and Android ecosystems.

The new platform for Bluemix can also incorporate software development kits and representational state transfer APIs — the architectural style most often associated with the web. This allows software-side engineers to further build out applications.

Bluemix Push Notifications for Bluemix Dedicated brings with it 24/7 support and monitoring by IBM operations teams. However, to use the Internet-based platform, developers must be up-to-date with Microsoft Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, and have a Cloud Foundry command line interface.

The perks of push

Push notifications on mobile devices is a developing space for marketers who want to make more personal connections with customers. According to ProOpinion, 11 percent of businesses send mobile notifications, and the benefits of this marketing strategy are significant. When companies provide app-based alerts to users, consumers engage with their apps four times more often, according to

Banking services in particular are leading expansion into the format, with reporting nine out of the top 20 US financial institutions engage customers with push notifications.

“We’re very bullish on push notifications because they give banks a quick and easy way to engage and interact with their customers,” Ian Benton, a research specialist at Javelin Strategy & Research, told the source. “The big banks are leading the charge on this, but it’s growing very quickly. It’s just a matter of time before all the banks will be offering them.”

Push notification use in the financial sector is expected to surpass text messages by 2019 to become the No. 2 most commonly used method, just behind email.

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