Apple enterprise outreach gains steam and wins customers, analyst says

By Jonathan Hassell

A new analysis from Business Solutions highlights the outreach effort Apple has undertaken in an effort to increase its products’ appeal to enterprises.

“There is no doubt Apple is working to make its products and OS’s more enterprise-friendly,” said Mitch Berry, vice president of enterprise mobility management for MOBI, in his analysis of Apple enterprise efforts.

The following are some developments noted by Berry:

  • Apple has established partnerships with industry giants that already cater to large business customers. By partnering with enterprise-oriented companies, Apple gets a view into what enterprise customers care about, and the company taps into a huge marketplace of customers.
  • Apple has rolled out the Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program in the past 12 months to make it easier for corporations to purchase devices in bulk and have them preprovisioned on their device management platforms before they’re deployed to the intended users. By pre-enrolling devices in management and securing hundreds or even thousands of phones and tablets in bulk ahead of time, Apple enterprise customers have found it more attractive to adopt the iOS platform for the whole organization.
  • A number of new features seem to have large companies in mind as their ideal audiences. For example, though Touch ID appears to primarily support Apple Pay implementation, it’s actually a very secure deployment of biometric authentication, an important piece of mobile security. The CallKit API for VoIP apps, announced this summer, will provide a seamless way for apps to work with business phone systems and will protect the privacy of device phone numbers. There’s also the ability to monitor audio apps and activity so IT departments in large businesses can keep a handle on activities.

The efforts appear to be paying off. Fifty percent of new iPad Pro model sales were to large businesses, according to Berry. Apple sold 22,000 more iPads to Russia’s largest bank, which was already a customer and had 10,000 iPads in production. Berry added that Apple’s “actual impact will depend on whether the positive changes it introduces outweigh new risks.”

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