AI innovations lead to historic partnership among tech giants

By Jonathan Crowl

Though the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has inspired excitement among some observers, it has frightened others. To ensure these AI innovations are implemented ethically, five major tech companies have formed a landmark partnership in hopes of providing greater self-governance and fostering best practices.

IBM is joined by Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the Partnership on AI, which will serve as a guiding light for the future of AI development. The group aims to facilitate greater collaboration, teamwork and support through a formal structure for communicating with one another about various AI issues.

As TechCrunch pointed out, the business relationships of these companies haven’t changed. They have been, and will continue to be, direct competitors on the tech front. However, each company also realizes the importance of ensuring AI innovations are headed in the right direction, advancing the technology while also maintaining ethical standards and making decisions that best serve a global community, rather than the interests of any one business.

These five companies also plan on adding more members in the future. Activists, ethicists and other stakeholders will eventually join these major brands to guide AI advancements and conversation.

Ultimately, the Partnership on AI aspires to create an egalitarian leadership forum in which nonprofit entities have just as much input on AI matters as the brands working hard to advance the technology. It also intends to make AI technology more accessible by supporting research on a wide range of AI issues and considerations.

In the meantime, the involvement of these five brands is considered significant because they represent the leading global efforts to develop and advance AI technology. Other companies will be brought into the fray, but these five founding members were vital in ensuring the leading AI innovations and innovators would be a part of this new initiative.

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Jonathan Crowl


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