Jonathan Crowl


Jonathan Crowl has served as a tech writer and reporter for a number of tech publications and corporations. Specializing in mobile technology and digital startups, he is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Articles by Jonathan Crowl

How mobile devices in the travel industry can improve customer service with augmented reality

Mobile devices in the travel industry can provide an enhanced traveler experience by using augmented reality and virtual reality at hotels and tourist attractions.… Read More

April 12, 2018

The latest mobile innovations in government operations

Government uses of mobile devices are increasing, and these devices are often vulnerable to security threats. Mobile innovations are delivering a layered approach… Read More

April 5, 2018

The top five enterprise technologies innovative CIOs are embracing

CIOs are redefining their roles by embracing enterprise technologies. Here are five technology innovations that are imperative for cutting-edge digital leadership. Read More

March 28, 2018

Desktops-as-a-service: Finding the right DaaS for your enterprise

How do you find the right DaaS for your enterprise? It's all about understanding its features and asking the right questions. Here's what you need to know. Read More

March 23, 2018

How mobile apps for healthcare help evolve the patient experience

Mobile apps for healthcare help providers and patients stay connected and share important information both in and out of the exam room. Here's how technology… Read More

March 14, 2018

How to provide a personalized mobile retail experience: 3 critical steps

Despite challenges industrywide, smart retailers aren't waving the white flag and preparing to close shop. Rather, they understand that the ability to provide… Read More

March 13, 2018

Creating a better future with mobile: Overcoming challenges to digitally transform healthcare enterprises

Ahead of the HIMSS 2018 conference in Las Vegas, here's a look at the challenges facing the future of healthcare, and how leaders are creating a better future… Read More

March 7, 2018

What the future of 5G networks looks like for businesses

What does the future of 5G networks mean for your organization and industry? The reality is only slowly coming into focus, both for consumers and businesses,… Read More

February 21, 2018

Innovative technologies transforming Barcelona into a smart city

Barcelona has been one of the world leaders in using innovative technologies to transform daily life in ways that save money, reduce energy consumption and… Read More

February 16, 2018

Creating a better future with mobile: The importance of mobile technology skills

Creating a better future with mobile isn't just a possibility — it's becoming a reality as more workers understand the importance of mobile literacy, collaboration… Read More

February 12, 2018

The future of mobile: How enterprise brands can help millennials make a difference

By partnering with millennials, enterprise brands can be at the forefront of the future of mobile and make meaningful contributions to the global community. Read More

February 2, 2018

Data Privacy Day: Data protection tips and best practices for your organization

Creating effective data protection can be overwhelming. Here are the top tips you need to know for 2018. Read More

January 26, 2018

Why you should attend a mobile conference in 2018

If you haven't considered attending a mobile conference this year, you're missing out. Here's a breakdown of what you stand to gain and which conferences should… Read More

January 24, 2018

What you can expect at Mobile World Congress 2018

Organizations across the world are ramping up for Mobile World Congress 2018. Learn the hottest trends and technologies to be showcased in Barcelona this year. Read More

January 23, 2018

How artificial intelligence (AI) services are transforming banking

Banking's adoption of AI services is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years. What new technologies can you expect to see, and how will they impact… Read More

January 16, 2018

Embracing MDM solutions to transform banking operations

Banks are finding that MDM solutions can create a more efficient, profitable banking destination that also offer a heightened customer experience. Read More

January 8, 2018

Mobility-as-a-service: 3 strategies to improve new-hire onboarding

Mobility-as-a-service represents a cost-cutting alternative for employee onboarding that is also effective at preparing employees for their role in your company. Read More

January 8, 2018

4 ways environmental technology is saving the planet

Innovation remains on the horizon for environmental technology, but here are four ways it is already having a positive impact. Read More

January 4, 2018

Improve mobile device management through building a security culture

Mobile device management only goes so far if there is no security culture in place to ensure compliance among employees. Read More

January 4, 2018

5 ways corporate travel management can make the holiday season merry

The holidays provide a window for crooks and hackers to exploit network vulnerabilities. Learn how to implement corporate travel management to protect your… Read More

December 27, 2017

Retail mobility solutions: Lessons from 2017 inform 2018’s strategies

These top retail mobility solutions and trends from 2017 provide important clues for how smart brands will modernize their strategies in the new year. Read More

December 27, 2017

Shopping for mobile payment technology: What retailers should consider

Retailers face a buyer's market when it comes to finding the right mobile payment technology. Read More

December 13, 2017

How internal communication apps boost collaboration and productivity

Here's a look at how internal communication apps can improve communications to facilitate collaboration, boost productivity and raise profit margins. Read More

December 7, 2017

What do mobile security and holiday lights have in common?

Holiday lights serve as a reliable analogy for how mobile security is delivered across an enterprise environment. Read More

December 6, 2017

Gaining operation management insights from the iPhone X

Apple's new iPhone X design offers a glimpse into how operation management can implement innovative changes that win the approval of executive leaders. Read More

November 29, 2017

Holiday travel made easier with mobile technology

For all of the joys that come with the holiday season, holiday travel is rarely easy. However, mobile technology can make things easier for travelers. Read More

November 22, 2017

Creating effective BYOD policies for healthcare organizations

Even though it creates a more complex digital environment, healthcare organizations are eager to jump on the BYOD policies trend. Read More

November 22, 2017

The big-picture view of your mobility operations: Seeing the forest for the trees

When an enterprise focuses on an individual user's inherent risks, mobility operations issues can arise. Companies need to consider the big picture. Read More

November 10, 2017

Cybersecurity strategy trends to guide you into 2018

As cybercriminals make their attacks more sophisticated, each business should also refine and strengthen its cybersecurity strategy for 2018. Read More

November 9, 2017

Your BYOx strategy: Preparing your enterprise network for everything

This is the era of BYOx — bring-your-own-everything — and it functions as a natural progression of the culture BYOD policies have fostered. Read More

November 8, 2017

6 travel security tips to help employees protect their data while on holiday

When employees go on vacation and bring their work devices with them, organizations face a very real travel security threat. Companies need to be prepared. Read More

November 6, 2017

Get treats, not tricks: Mobile protection tips to avoid spooky security threats

The Halloween season is an ideal time to audit your mobile protection efforts and identify areas where you can enhance your enterprise's security front. Read More

October 26, 2017

What enterprise solutions have in common with pumpkin spice lattes

It's Pumpkin Spice Latte season. What does the famous fall drink have to do with enterprise solutions? The two have more in common than you'd think. Read More

October 26, 2017

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: How mobile technology is transforming lives

In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it's a perfect time to show how mobile technology is improving lives for so many. Read More

October 18, 2017

Now is the time for disaster recovery planning

If another monster hurricane or earthquake hits, will your company's disaster recovery plan mitigate the damage? Read More

October 17, 2017

Mobile companies: What enterprises gain by embracing mobile workers

Mobile companies depend on mobile workers to perform essential functions within the organization, but the challenge is effectively managing these workers. Read More

October 13, 2017

The mobile security playbook: Your enterprise’s best defense against mobile threats

As enterprises face the constant threat of malware, malicious hacking and other schemes, they know they must prevent full breaches of mobile security. Read More

October 13, 2017

How retailers can use mobile management services to build seamless in-store experiences

Mobile management services are enabling innovative retailers to build smart store experiences that leverage mobile technology. Read More

October 11, 2017

Mobile innovations bring change to insurance agents’ workdays

Mobile innovations have been quietly remaking the insurance industry for years, bringing fundamental changes to how employees set about their daily tasks. Read More

October 10, 2017

The power of mobile device management to enhance employee experiences

With the right mobile device management in place with a concrete strategy for integrating new solutions, IoT devices can boost efficiency. Read More

October 4, 2017

After application development: 4 tips for introducing your new mobile solution

As mobility demands grow, enterprise application development becomes more vital to each organization's ability to meet business goals. Read More

September 21, 2017

Mobile strategies on the playing field: 5 customer experience lessons from smart stadiums

Smart stadiums are enhancing the experience through innovative mobile strategies and a deeper understanding of how fans engage with sporting events. Read More

September 20, 2017

5 steps to ensure a smooth adoption of wearable technology in your enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy

No mobile technology is growing faster than wearables. The global wearable technology market is projected to grow to $25 billion by 2019. Read More

September 15, 2017

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and more: The biggest news from Tuesday’s Apple event

From introducing the iPhone X to heralding new advancements in smartwatch technology, Apple's event turned out to be full of surprises and big reveals. Read More

September 13, 2017

Know your mobile management system: The difference between managed mobility services (MMS) and enterprise mobility…

The workplace has evlolved to embrace mobility. The proliferation of mobile devices has built a large market for mobile management system solutions. Read More

September 13, 2017

The future of mobile security: How to keep your employees in-the-know

The rise of smartphones and tablets has created a new dimension of security challenges related to mobile security. Is your team prepared? Read More

September 5, 2017

Voice-controlled technology brings security challenges, opportunities to enterprises

The potential uses of voice-controlled technology span many parts of the organization, but it's important to consider security measures. Read More

August 30, 2017

How organizations can promote employee safety abroad with mobile technology

The benefits of international business travel are complicated by added challenges regarding employee safety in a foreign country. Read More

August 29, 2017

This is where your cybersecurity system may be letting you down

Where could your cybersecurity system be weak? Take a tour of the office to learn more about potential risks. Read More

August 23, 2017

Boost business collaboration with enterprise management tools

Business collaboration drives innovation, and it's a great way to improve company morale and retain employees. Here's how technology can help. Read More

August 22, 2017

Avoid mobile security breaches with these tips

News of major mobile security breaches is becoming a regular occurrence, and cybersecurity threats grow more sophisticated. Here's how you can keep up. Read More

August 21, 2017

The rise of machine learning in mobile strategies

Machine learning has a number of applications where mobile strategies are concerned, including mobile data management. Read More

August 17, 2017

The latest BYOD trends and predictions, from mobile focus to endpoint management

The latest BYOD trends show that the practice isn't going away any time soon, as it's becoming more popular with enterprises. Read More

August 14, 2017

5 ways to improve your enterprise mobility management strategy

The mainstream workforce is quickly becoming a mobile workforce, which makes a sound enterprise mobility management strategy critical. Read More

August 9, 2017

14 AI research statistics that map the future of business

A large body of AI research agrees on one thing: Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the future of business. Read More

June 30, 2017

3 ways green business is making use of mobile technology

Being a green business can be a great financial move, and mobile technologies play a large role in making this possible. Read More

May 15, 2017

How insurance companies can boost customer retention with mobile innovation

Insurance companies don't have to miss out on all the fun with mobile technology: They often look to mobile as a way of improving customer retention. Read More

May 12, 2017

Wearable fitness trackers: Forecasting future trends

The market for wearable fitness trackers has blown up in recent years, and industry experts believe this trend will only continue to rise. Read More

May 10, 2017

Identify bugs, fix glitches and improve your mobile app with a little spring cleaning

Enterprise organizations want to identify bugs as soon as humanly possible, correcting these errors before brand damage is done on the consumer-side. Read More

May 9, 2017

Can nostalgia-based mobile phone trends trump smartphone addiction?

Consumers love throwbacks, and the latest mobile phone trends have seen legacy phone makers betting hard on this nostalgia. Read More

May 1, 2017

Consumer buying behavior has been changed by mobile devices, and banks are watching

Increased mobile activity gives banks valuable new data acquisition channels to glean insights about consumer buying behavior. Read More

April 28, 2017

How you can lead in enterprise app innovation

As enterprises pour more resources into development work, problems inevitably arise. Enter the IBM Bluemix Garage. Read More

April 27, 2017

How will the self-driving car trend change the auto insurance industry?

It's only a matter of time before the self-driving car becomes a reality for consumers. However, not everyone is eager to rush in this new era. Read More

April 21, 2017

Mobile strategy is baseball’s key to keeping fans engaged

Major League Baseball is implementing a comprehensive mobile strategy as a solution to the league's TV ratings problem. Read More

April 18, 2017

Why creating an open-source ecosystem doesn’t mean you’re taking on security risks

To remain competitive, developers must leverage open-source libraries. But is it wise to rely on these potentially vulnerable development resources? Read More

April 12, 2017

What latest technology updates are supporting self-driving cars?

Some of the latest technology updates taking place on the mobile tech front have a direct role in the evolving state of autonomous vehicles. Read More

April 10, 2017

Mobile business models: How to survive a rocky transition from your traditional business strategy

The task of transitioning from traditional business models to mobile business models is tricky, involving a lot of internal movement and adjustments. Read More

April 5, 2017

4 major achievements of advanced analytics in the business world

The advent of advanced analytics has brought sweeping changes to the business world. This modern innovation can improve virtually any industry. Read More

April 4, 2017

How using Swift can benefit the healthcare, retail and finance industries

Using Swift is one of the best strategies enterprises have at their disposal to make certain their digital assets can handle what the future has in store. Read More

April 3, 2017

How customer-centric strategy spurred a wave of banking transformation

As account holders have increased their demands for better mobile tools, banks have been forced to adopt a customer-centric approach. Read More

March 31, 2017

Why organizations should understand the value of Swift on security

When evaluating Swift on security matters, the programming language shows great promise. Read More

March 29, 2017

Improving the banking consumer experience through blockchain technologies

Major financial companies are investing in blockchain in hopes of building innovative banking services and upgrading the consumer experience. Read More

March 27, 2017

How brands are shaping mobile strategy around the college basketball championship

Mobile streaming is forcing brands to rethink their mobile strategy and advertising for the college basketball championship tournament. Read More

March 21, 2017

How customer engagement continues to evolve for brick-and-mortar retailers

Today's brands are far more focused on customer engagement than in the past. This is also true for brick-and-mortar retail stores. Read More

March 21, 2017

5 mobile content management steps every business should embrace

Content, in its many forms, is a cornerstone of any mobile strategy, and it requires its own mobile-specific content management strategy. Read More

March 14, 2017

Internet security in the spotlight: How is the internet safer today than it was 20 years ago?

As this digital connectivity continues to grow, so does the need to promote internet security in all parts of online activity. Read More

March 8, 2017

The subscription economy came from digital, and it’s here to stay

The subscription economy is nothing new, but recent years have seen consumers embrace subscription services in places that once seemed unlikely. Read More

March 6, 2017

API development is the foundation of mobile enterprise

When enterprises sit down to outline their mobile strategies, it's important that they prioritize API development early in the process. Read More

February 22, 2017

How mobile banking in emerging markets can combat poverty worldwide

Mobile banking in emerging markets is evolving quickly as adoption rates continue to rise. Here's how the technology can benefit consumers and banks. Read More

February 21, 2017

Blockchain benefits for companies looking to reduce risk

Blockchain benefits all center around its ability to deliver secure, frictionless transfers of information, especially financial transactions. Read More

February 17, 2017

How data streamlining can improve the customer experience without sacrificing security

Efforts at data streamlining have yielded some improvement, but plenty of work remains to elevate the user experience when making mobile purchases. Read More

February 16, 2017

How brands should update mobile apps to support a better user experience

Companies are constantly required to update mobile apps while performing other upgrades and maintenance needed to keep them effective. Read More

February 15, 2017

Why location data is a cornerstone of enterprise marketing

Location data has been a game-changer for marketers by providing more customer information to make marketing campaigns more effective. Read More

February 8, 2017

The importance of your brand’s online footprint

There are many reasons to invest into your online footprint. For one, consumers research a company's online presence when they make buying decisions. Read More

February 6, 2017

Football’s big game will be a triumph of mobile communications management

This year's NFL championship game in Houston will pull out all the stops in putting on one of the world's biggest annual shows. Read More

January 27, 2017

Breaking down the presidential inauguration’s mobile infrastructure challenges

This year's presidential inauguration has been noted for the relatively small crowd assembled for the event, yet mobile data carriers faced new challenges. Read More

January 24, 2017

How banks can tackle holiday spending and consumer services through the IoT

Holiday spending is a constant headache for many consumers because they don't have adequate funds to do the holiday shopping they want. Read More

December 23, 2016

How to build customer value through virtual engagement

Brands that recognize the power of virtual engagement through mobile technologies can help build their customer value. Read More

December 14, 2016

Cognitive business models position enterprises for long-term success

Experts now view cognitive business models as the strategic framework that will shepherd in a new way of doing business. Read More

November 21, 2016

iPhone 7 sparks mobile evolution by embracing IoT technology

The iPhone 7 will be the first Apple smartphone that doesn't feature a 3.5 mm jack, which some see as the beginning of s a mobile evolution. Read More

November 17, 2016

Web, mobile and mobile web analytics: What’s the difference?

Web and mobile analytics offer differing but equally important functionalities, and mobile web analytics is more than a combination of the two. Read More

November 9, 2016

How IoT app development is changing the mobile landscape

IoT app development is one of the developer community's most significant influences and a demanding area of need for enterprises. Read More

November 1, 2016

Money20/20 Hackathon to help drive mobile payment innovation

The Money20/20 Hackathon is geared toward advancing mobile app development, particularly where mobile payments are concerned. Read More

October 21, 2016

Enterprise mobile middleware often requires more than a DIY approach

Can you build a mobile app without mobile middleware? Sure, but in today's data-driven world, enterprises that don't use mobile middleware are missing out. Read More

October 4, 2016

What is MEM? How can mobile expense management help organizations?

Mobile expense management is the obvious solution to the growing pains of enterprise mobility. What is MEM? It's an all-but-essential layer of technology. Read More

October 3, 2016

How micro-interactions can improve enterprise mobile app development

Micro-interactions offer simple signals for communicating to customers that an action has taken place on a digital device. Here's how this helps the UX. Read More

September 30, 2016

What is an SDK? A look at software development kits

What is an SDK? Here's an overview on software development kits and why mobile developers need to keep them top-of-mind. Read More

September 29, 2016

When does a mobile app development platform takes preference over a DIY strategy?

When does a mobile app development platform takes preference over a DIY strategy? Read More

September 27, 2016

What is RDMA? A quick guide to innovative data transfer

What is RDMA, and how does it improve data transfers and communications? Read More

September 23, 2016

What is MBaaS? A look at mobile back-end-as-a-service

What is MBaaS, exactly, and how does it fit into the larger architecture of enterprise mobility? Read More

September 19, 2016

What is GSM, and why is it important to enterprises?

What is GSM? It stands for Global System for Mobile Communication, and it's an important piece of technology for businesses to understand. Read More

September 16, 2016

Slowly but surely, office technology discovers the benefits of Apple iOS

After years of relatively low adoption within the enterprise space, Apple's iOS has gained a foothold as a trusted office technology. Read More

September 14, 2016

xApp analytics creates new insights for mobile-focused enterprises

xApp Analytics breaks down constraints on data-driven insights and can be used to build a better mobile strategy. Read More

August 17, 2016

Enterprise mobile services adoption should put focus on revenue growth, not cutting costs

When using mobile services, enterprises should shift their focus to revenue growth to enable greater IT productivity. Read More

August 12, 2016

What is managed mobility services (MMS)?

What is MMS? Here's everything you need to know about the critical deliverables that you should look for from your managed mobility services provider. Read More

July 13, 2016

Wireless mesh networking improves connectivity in enterprise ecosystems

The proliferation of IoT devices in enterprises demands better infrastructure, and as such, wireless mesh networking is becoming more popular. Read More

July 12, 2016

What is MCM? A primer on mobile content management

What is MCM, exactly? It's a software solution, but it's also collaboration between content creators, IT and business leadership. Read More

July 7, 2016

How to protect private mobile networks with integrated VPNs

Private mobile networks need a variety of security measures to mitigate risks and ensure company assets are protected. Read More

June 14, 2016

Using mobile application strategies to enhance engagement and personalization

Even as mobile application strategies evolve, one guiding principle remains the same: The user experience must come first. Read More

May 6, 2016

Fans flock to mobile games to celebrate Star Wars Day

This year, many fans will celebrate Star Wars Day by playing mobile games that are based on the popular franchise. Read More

May 4, 2016

Network 2020: A new focal point for enterprise communication

How Network 2020 will support emerging technologies and methods of communication. Read More

April 13, 2016

Mobile core network optimization: Ensuring a seamless connection

Here are three ways that mobile core network optimization ensures a seamless connection among enterprise applications. Read More

April 11, 2016

Mobile testing: The value of automated and manual strategies for enterprise apps

A combination of automated and manual mobile testing can help developers prevent a potential disaster from taking place before an app is released. Read More

March 31, 2016

Mobile data protection takes the spotlight on World Backup Day

In honor of World Backup Day, enterprises should ensure that they have these four key mobile data protection practices in place. Read More

March 30, 2016

Enterprise application integration: Five tips for a streamlined process

Though enterprise application integration comes with its challenges, a skilled team can pull off the job. Read More

March 29, 2016

Mobile testing tools: Six major application testing techniques

Here are six mobile testing tools that enterprises can use to determine whether their apps are ready to be released to the public. Read More

March 28, 2016

Which enterprise ITSM strategies are critical for mobile in 2016?

In order to build a good product experience, brands must have a strong foundation of enterprise ITSM. Read More

March 11, 2016

Implementing agile frameworks: What should CIOs consider?

Here are a few questions that CIOs should ask themselves before implementing agile frameworks. Read More

March 3, 2016

Don’t let your mobile experience undercut your mobile security

Here's an overview on the challenge involved in bridging the gap between a great mobile experience and the risks that may come with it. Read More

March 2, 2016

Using enterprise network solutions to resolve capacity management fears

How capacity management enterprise network solutions are ensuring that companies don't put too much of a strain on their networks. Read More

February 26, 2016

Six tips for using Swift programming language in enterprise apps

The Swift programming language is less than two years old, but it has already made a huge impression on developers and prominent enterprise brands. Read More

February 19, 2016

Mobile innovation between startups and investors bridges digital and nondigital worlds

Businesses are eager to bridge the digital and nondigital worlds through mobile innovation. Read More

February 18, 2016

Five key mobile security strategy components

Here are five key components that enterprises should keep in mind for their mobile security strategy. Read More

February 18, 2016

The mobile marketplace will be defined by cognitive capabilities

Here's an overview on how the C-suite of mobile enterprises is predicting the future of the mobile marketplace. Read More

February 15, 2016

Managed mobility services (MMS): Best practices for your organization

Here are some best practices for managed mobility services (MMS). Read More

February 11, 2016

How to choose the best mobile identity solutions for your company

By putting the right mobile identity solutions into place, enterprises can expand the possibilities of mobile technology. Read More

February 10, 2016

How cognitive mobility can transform operations analytics

Here's an overview on how emerging new technologies, like cognitive mobility, can streamline analytics processes. Read More

February 3, 2016

How KPIs affect your mobile app optimization

Here's an overview on how network KPIs and service KPIs allow for mobile app optimization. Read More

January 25, 2016

The best mobile security practices for enterprise organizations

Here are four pressing mobile security measures that should be a top priority. Read More

January 1, 2016

Which application automation tools best prepare a product for launch?

In the long, detail-oriented process of developing a mobile app, any app release is preceded by a rigorous series of tests via application automation tools Read More

December 30, 2015

Mobile marketing strategies for reaching the millennial consumer

Those tasked with developing mobile marketing strategies targeting millennials have been forced to get creative. Read More

December 29, 2015

A holiday for mobile science: Merry Newtonmas!

If nothing else, these innovations demonstrate how high the ceiling is when it comes to mobile science tools. Read More

December 25, 2015

Festivus 2015: Applying the airing of grievances to this year’s mobile expectations

Festivus 2015 is a great time to evaluate mobile predictions for the past year. Here are four ways that these expectations fell short. Read More

December 23, 2015

How application capabilities improve with an enterprise accelerator

Accelerators provide a reliable structure for development, then ultimately improve overall mobile application capabilities. Read More

December 17, 2015

How to outfit your enterprise mobile app with the best design, and why it matters

Choosing a design for your enterprise mobile app is no simple task. Read More

December 17, 2015

Today’s essential app design trends for CIOs

Here's a look at the top app design trends in 2015, plus strategies to help CIOs support this app development within their organization. Read More

November 25, 2015

The best tools for mobile API security

The prominence of APIs has made API security a top focus for any company that needs to assure customers their data will be protected. Read More

November 25, 2015

Building a better customer engagement model through APIs

APIs are the foundation of this enhanced customer experience, and hold the key to building a successful new customer engagement model. Read More

November 24, 2015

Want to simplify operations across the enterprise? Try a DevOps team

If implemented correctly, a DevOps team can simplify operations, enrich the user experience through mobile apps and improve the development workflow. Read More

November 16, 2015