Joe Hewitson

IT Developer, Total Benchmark Solution

With a degree in Applied Computing Technology and over a decade of service in the IT and Software Development industries, Joe Hewitson has acquired a keen ability to write about emerging technologies and the impact they have on a wide range of industries. Accompanying his love for all things tech is a passion for writing informed and engaging pieces in an easy to understand voice. Living in the beautiful arms of the Rocky Mountains, Joe is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys running, biking, and fishing.

Articles by Joe Hewitson

Big data sources and location services: Are they worth it?

There's no shortage of big data sources. The question is, how can the data be collected and, more importantly, how can it benefit your business strategy? Read More

August 31, 2017

What’s your data strategy missing?

Your insights are only as good as the data behind them. Is your data strategy capable of finding the diamonds in the rough? Read More

April 12, 2017

“Westworld” sparks important questions about AI technology

HBO's hit new television series, "Westworld," has thrust AI technology into modern pop culture. But the show begs a few important questions on AI. Read More

December 9, 2016

Augmented reality applications represent the next frontier of mobile engagement

Augmented reality applications could very well be the next influential evolution in the mobile space. Read More

August 15, 2016

Mobile app developers: Improving customer satisfaction through agility

Mobile app developers can increase agility and improve their customer response time through platform as a service (PaaS). Read More

September 23, 2015