Jenni Klinger

Blog Manager, IBM Mobile

Jenni Klinger is a web content manager with experience running blogs and creating email campaigns and content strategies. She's worked with tech companies creating editorial calendars, blog posts, and web content plans. Prior to joining IBM, Jenni worked at a university in Australia creating student-facing content.

Articles by Jenni Klinger

The top 10 sessions to attend at Mobile World Congress 2018

It may be difficult to decide which sessions to add to your Mobile World Congress 2018 itinerary. Here's a list of some favorites to help you make the most… Read More

February 20, 2018

Digital reinvention for the nonprofit organization: How Central Texas Food Bank’s digital strategy improves…

Digital reinvention isn't just for the enterprise: There's also digital reinvention for the nonprofit. Just ask the Central Texas Food Bank. Read More

June 22, 2017

The best of SXSW Interactive 2017

The innovative ideas and social inspiration that flowed through SXSW Interactive will drive the state of technology in the coming year. Read More

March 15, 2017

Top 10 SXSW Interactive sessions CIOs are excited about

SXSW Interactive has become a conference in which the most forward-thinking minds come together to discuss how advanced technology impact society. Read More

March 10, 2017

3 ways true mobile innovators embrace the evolution of mobile

You must have heard it a million times: to stay ahead of competitors, organizations need to embrace the evolution of mobile. But what does that even mean? Read More

November 29, 2016

Create a secure and productive BYOD policy today

Your employees are likely using personal mobile devices for work whether you have an official BYOD policy or not. Create a BYOD policy to keep data secure. Read More

November 17, 2016

Is your mobile strategy contributing to your digital transformation?

Mobile solutions are revolutionizing business. As businesses seek digital transformation, they're turning to mobile initiatives. Read More

November 1, 2016

How to become a mobile innovator by embracing mobile evolution

A mobile-first approach is no longer enough for companies to stay ahead in their industries and markets. Organizations must embrace mobile evolution. Read More

October 28, 2016

How can banks keep millennials banking?

As financial technology startups swoop into the industry, banks are trying to keep millennials banking. Here's where they can improve... Read More

September 28, 2016

Are you seeing ROI on your mobile projects?

You know investments in mobile projects yield results, yet there are millions of dollars left in untapped mobile potential. Read More

September 15, 2016

How mobile solutions can make every worker a knowledge worker

An organization can become more efficient with mobile solutions when workers have access to the right information at the right times. Read More

September 9, 2016

Go back to school with mobile: BYOD in education

Through BYOD in education, students will learn mobile devices aren't just for fun, but also for learning, collaborating and creating. Read More

September 7, 2016