Jasmine Henry

Jasmine E. Henry, MS

Jasmine is a commentator on emerging technology and freelance writer in the greater Seattle area. With a professional background in analytics, big data, mobility, and security that spans both the for-profit and government sectors, her professional interests include artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) tech.

Articles by Jasmine Henry

Applied artificial intelligence is no longer an advantage: It’s a necessity

Applied artificial intelligence isn't an advantage anymore: It's an absolute necessity. Learn why 2018 is the year when enterprises must make AI a strategic… Read More

February 15, 2018

Robot rights: 5 ways to manage the AI moral dilemma in the workplace

Chatbots are improving enterprise productivity, but not everyone is sold on the morality of robot rights. Here are five things every ethical enterprise needs… Read More

February 13, 2018

Retail mobile innovation soars: 3 reasons AR apps may yield CX success

From customer satisfaction to personalization, there are multiple reasons augmented reality apps may offer high returns on mobile innovation investments this… Read More

January 29, 2018

A must-have 2018 GDPR compliance checklist for your enterprise

Is your enterprise ready for new EU data protection requirements? Find out with this GDPR compliance checklist. Read More

January 15, 2018

Mobile analytics, VR, AI and apps: 6 retail innovations to watch in 2018

As we look toward 2018, the convergence of new technologies such as apps, IoT, post-app technologies and mobile analytics are transforming the retail landscape. Read More

January 3, 2018

Healthcare mobility solutions: Why mobile is key to efficient data collection

Healthcare mobility solutions are enabling more real-time, comprehensive and accurate data capture in the health enterprise. Read More

December 28, 2017

Enterprise mobility: 3 steps for selecting mobile services for a changing workforce

Enterprise mobility management has wide-reaching benefits, including better serving a complex workforce with intricate needs. Read More

December 28, 2017

2017’s top mobile devices for healthcare: Mobile innovation improving quality, outcomes and costs

The most innovative mobile devices for healthcare in 2017 offered entirely new possibilities for superior patient outcomes and cost management. Read More

December 11, 2017

Keeping your mobility team in shape: 3 lessons from pro sports

Pro sports teams have to work together to overcome incredible obstacles and achieve greatness. Your mobility team can learn a lot from them. Read More

November 30, 2017

Retail technology trends: Mobile emerges as industry pillar for the new customer experience

Retail technology trends are evolving, and today's consumers are choosing mobile apps that streamline the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Read More

November 16, 2017

IoT services help brick-and-mortar retailers create a cohesive customer experience

Target, Starbucks and other brick-and-mortar retailers are using IoT services to provide a more cohesive in-store customer experience. Read More

November 7, 2017

20 significant 2017 mobile stats on app engagement, enterprise mobile innovation, and more

Digging into significant 2017 mobile stats reveals some key trends on changing consumer behaviors and enterprises that are working hard to keep up. Read More

November 2, 2017

10 mobile myths that shouldn’t spook you

Even though it's the spookiest time of the year, you don't have to get sucked into believing these 10 mobile myths. Read More

October 31, 2017

12 surprising mobile technology statistics enterprises can take into 2018

Reflecting on the past 12 months' trends in mobile technology reveals significant changes in how individuals connect with mobile at home and work. Read More

October 23, 2017

SMS phishing: The mobile security risk you need to know about

The latest mobile security risk could land in your text message folder, not your email inbox. SMS phishing, or "smishing," is on the rise. Read More

October 16, 2017

Data protection secrets: The skeletons in a cybercriminal’s closet

Taking a look into the closet of an average cybercriminal can reveal some skeletons, including dark truths about mobility and data protection. Read More

October 12, 2017

Can you get through the all-mobile company corn maze without getting lost?

The path to becoming an all-mobile company is fraught with twists, turns and some dead ends — just like a corn maze. Read More

October 12, 2017

6 tips for promoting mobile development transformation among employees

Achieving digital transformation is more than just mobile development. Here's how to get your employees on board. Read More

October 10, 2017

What is IDaaS, and why does your mobile strategy need it?

IDaaS is an emerging technology category with the potential to significantly enhance secure user behaviors, especially in BYOD enterprise environments. Read More

October 9, 2017

How to build transformative mobile development teams in your organization

While enterprises understand the value of a leading internal mobility capacity, they're struggling to find mobile development talent. Read More

October 3, 2017

Blockchain technology: 3 real-world examples of revolutionary innovation in the healthcare industry

While blockchain technology may have first achieved notoriety for bitcoin, it's becoming one of the most effective ways to securely innovate in healthcare. Read More

September 26, 2017

Mobile management services in the classroom: 5 transformative edtech trends for 2017–2018

Mobile technology is a big part of the classroom as schools focus on developing mobile management services and finding the right apps for learning. Read More

September 22, 2017

How to maximize the potential of your push notifications

As organizations use tools to improve engagement and avoid app fatigue in digital audiences, the growth of push notifications is a trend to watch. Read More

September 19, 2017

Cyberattack avoidance lessons from the White House

A hacker impersonated President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and ex-chief of staff Reince Priebus in a late July cyberattack. Read More

September 19, 2017

Mobile innovation: How three organizations are riding the “third way of innovating”

In an increasingly fast-paced, consumer-focused global economy, mobile innovation has resulted in massive industry disruption. Read More

September 12, 2017

Mobile hacking prevention: 3 ways C-level executives can protect their data

Members of the C-suite aren't just tasked with making hacking prevention decisions — they're walking security risks. Here's how they can keep data safe. Read More

August 29, 2017