Galina Datskovsky

CEO of Vaporstream

Dr. Galina Datskovsky, CRM, FAI and serial entrepreneur is an internationally recognized privacy, compliance, and security expert. Galina is currently the CEO of Vaporstream®, a position where she applies her knowledge and strategic guidance in building businesses, product development, governance policies, as well as cybersecurity. Prior to Vaporstream, Galina served as CEO of Covertix, North America; Senior Vice President of Information Governance at Autonomy/HP; and as General Manager of the Information Governance Business Unit and Senior Vice President of Architecture while at CA. She joined CA in 2006 with the acquisition of MDY Group International, where she was the founder and CEO.

Articles by Galina Datskovsky

Secure messaging in healthcare: A safer alternative to texting

Secure messaging provides real-time, sender-controlled, encrypted and compliant texting capabilities to ensure patient information stays confidential. Read More

November 13, 2017