Articles by Domingo Guerra

GDPR will punish lax mobile security. Are you prepared?

GDPR has taken effect, and businesses must strengthen their security or risk being penalized. One area of compliance often gets overlooked, however: mobile.… Read More

June 14, 2018

A smarter approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning in mobile security

Enterprises looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity plans are wise to use it as just one component of a robust strategy. Here… Read More

April 4, 2018

Mobile security: Enterprise data via mobile is the next frontier for cyber criminals

Massive mobile security breaches by cyber criminals are an imminent threat to enterprise data. Here's what you need to know — and how to protect your organization… Read More

March 27, 2018

Mobile security: Getting to total mobile threat protection

Enterprise mobility management is not the same as mobile security. Learn what you need to know about the differences. Read More

February 7, 2018