Deon Newman

Vice President and CMO for IBM Watson Internet of Things

Deon Newman is Vice President and CMO for IBM Watson Internet of Things. He is responsible for brand strategy, digital transformation, digital marketing, and demand generation. Previously, Deon served as Vice President for IBM z Systems, and Vice President, Marketing and Communications, for IBM’s North America Systems and Technology business. Deon grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and during his career, has held a number of marketing and sales leadership positions in New York, London, Paris, and across Asia Pacific. He is currently based in London, UK, where he is perfecting the use of an umbrella and a stiff upper lip.

Articles by Deon Newman

Mobility, IoT, and the cognitive computing revolution

The IoT and mobility are inextricably linked. The primary purpose of mobile networks will soon be all about moving IoT data to locations for analysis. Read More

January 26, 2017