Crystal Bedell

Principal, Bedell Communications

Crystal Bedell is a freelance technology writer based out of Spokane, Wash. She has covered B2B technology for 15 years and is currently Principal of Bedell Communications, a content creation and consulting firm.

Articles by Crystal Bedell

Electronic patient data drives healthcare security concerns

The increasing use of digital technologies has transformed the way healthcare security operates. Here are some top concerns to protect yourself against. Read More

November 24, 2016

Enterprise mobility trends: How mobile apps can help organizations go green

A number of traditional processes, namely in the healthcare and insurance industries, can benefit from embracing enterprise mobility trends. Read More

November 15, 2016

6 feature enhancements to update your mobile app

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October 31, 2016

How to ensure global enterprise connectivity through network enhancements

With so much riding on the enterprise network, organizations need to implement network enhancements to ensure global enterprise connectivity. Read More

May 10, 2016

Virtualization and cloud computing essential to enable mobility

Here's an overview on the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing. Read More

March 16, 2016

5 tips for implementing trigger messaging in retail

Here are five tips for implementing trigger messaging in retail to engage customers and increase sales. Read More

December 4, 2015

Mobile backend as a service: Benefits for enterprise agility

MBaaS solutions facilitate enterprise agility by enabling developers to be more responsive to business needs. Read More

November 30, 2015

Five tips to preserve BYOD cost savings

BYOD cost savings are not a given. CIOs must think strategically about their programs and implement a policy that addresses potential costs. Read More

September 24, 2015