Chris Nerney

Freelance Writer

Chris Nerney writes about enterprise technology, healthcare finance and IT, and science for a number of websites and enterprises. Chris has written extensively about big data and analytics, mobile technology, cloud computing, the healthcare revenue cycle, value-based care, data centers, converged systems, and space technology. His work has appeared in Computerworld,, Data-Informed, Revenue Cycle Insights, Network World, Fritterati, and numerous other sites.

Articles by Chris Nerney

Speaking the language: A deep dive into mobile programming, Part 3: Mobile user experience is the gold standard…

In the connection economy, the mobile user experience is important to forging meaningful, long-lasting relationships with consumers. Read More

December 5, 2016

Speaking the language: A deep dive into mobile programming, Part 2: What to consider when selecting mobile programming…

Developers must strike a balance between business needs and available resources when choosing mobile programming languages. Read More

November 28, 2016

BYOD policy for financial firms

Financial services firms are using a BYOD policy to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency and flexibility. Read More

November 25, 2016

Speaking the language: A deep dive Into mobile programming, Part 1: Using a web browser vs. a dedicated application

Developers need to choose which mobile programming tools to use for the planned app. The number of options can be overwhelming. Read More

November 21, 2016

How digital learning is remaking higher education

Several technologies have converged in recent years to transform higher education by enabling digital learning. Read More

September 8, 2016

Cognitive apps offer mobile personalization in real time

Real-time mobile personalization, driven by cognitive computing, is being used right now by enterprises around the world to increase engagement. Read More

August 22, 2016

A powerful mobile health solution: App-enabled patient portals

Digital technology is transforming health care in a number of significant ways, including through a new mobile health solution: app-enabled patient portals Read More

June 22, 2016

Customer touchpoints can drive a brand’s digital journey

Enterprises that fail to engage customers across multiple touchpoints in the digital journey will eventually lose out to competitors. Read More

May 18, 2016

HIMSS 2016: Mobile health technologies empower physicians and patients

The recent HIMSS16 Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas provided a six-day snapshot of the many ways mobile health technology is transforming healthcare. Read More

March 14, 2016

Connected health: Improving patient-provider interactions

Here's an overview on how connected health is creating new opportunities for improved patient-provider interactions. Read More

January 19, 2016

The latest mobile programming languages for application developers

Here's an overview of five of the latest mobile programming languages that developers use for apps. Read More

January 13, 2016

Mobile analytics can predict customer behavior, build loyalty

Using mobile analytics enables marketers to establish more personal relationships with customers, which over time can build fierce loyalty to a brand. Read More

December 31, 2015

The age of mobile backend as a service (MBaaS): 3 industries taking advantage of this solution

Mobile backend as a service is a computing model framework that allows developers to quickly and easily connect mobile apps to cloud-based backends. Read More

December 7, 2015

MBaaS takes mobile cloud computing to the next level

As mobile cloud computing becomes the enterprise norm, IT professionals and developers face formidable integration challenges. Read More

November 12, 2015

Four keys to an effective mobile app strategy

A winning enterprise mobile app program starts with a well-designed mobile app strategy. Read More

November 2, 2015

Marty McFly Day: What technology predictions did ‘Back to the Future II’ get right?

"Back to the Future II" was a showcase for the amazing technology the world would presumably be enjoying on October 21, 2015 — known as Marty McFly Day. Read More

October 20, 2015

How geolocation mobile apps create a personalized user experience

Geolocation mobile apps provide enterprise marketers with powerful tools to understand customer behavior on an individual, real-time level. Read More

September 23, 2015

How CIOs can create more agile mobile business operations

Enterprises need their mobile business operations to be flexible and fast. Otherwise, they can't effectively compete in the real-time digital economy. Read More

September 16, 2015

Three shadow IT security challenges directly impacting mobile enterprises

Shadow IT is an accepted, if not welcome, part of today's enterprise. But CIOs must be aware of the relationship between shadow IT security and mobile. Read More

September 9, 2015

Seven mobile regulations to protect your enterprise from cyberattacks

These seven mobile regulations for enterprise BYOD can protect employees' smartphones and secure business data from cyberattacks. Read More

September 9, 2015