Anamita Guha

Product Manager, IBM Watson Developer Labs, AR/VR Labs

Anamita Guha is currently the Product Manger for IBM Watson’s Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs, focused on conversational interfaces like chatbots, voicebots, IoT, and AR/VR, in addition to promoting opportunities for girls in STEM. She recently launched the WatsonML app (download for free from the iTunes store), which showcases the power of Watson Visual Recognition with Apple's Core ML technology. She also championed Chatbots for Good, a free cloud-based learning experience where anyone — even those with no prior bot development experience — can use Watson Assistant and Tone Analyzer services to design, test, and build a chatbot, for good. She holds a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, and has spent most of her career prior to IBM at early-mid stage startups.

Articles by Anamita Guha

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