How a CEO and CTO collaborate to embrace emerging technologies to help outthink aging

By Daniel Pompilio

| Healthcare

CEOs ranked investments in people as the most important driver to accelerate performance. With the explosion of emerging technologies, companies have to be strategic and employees must work well together to decide which tech to pursue. As a CEO of the healthcare technology company, SimpleC, I strongly encourage other CEOs to work closely with their senior tech leaders to figure out which technologies are most applicable to your target markets and which will add the most value to your customers’ lives. Today’s technology in and of itself is remarkable but virtually meaningless without an empowered team putting it to work. That’s where your CTO comes in.

SimpleC is a cognitive healthcare company that creates an app to help the aging population safely age at home. The therapy we provide wouldn’t be available were it not for the technology we have behind it — and the right people pushing that technology forward. While some CEOs may say their most important relationship is with their CFO, I think one of the most important relationships is that between the CEO and the CIO or CTO. My relationship with our CTO, Doug Nelson, stems from us challenging each other to figure out ways in which emerging technologies can be incorporated into our business to benefit the user.

Doug has so many characteristics that make him a valuable asset to our company — and, thus, the community we serve. Doug is business-focused, analytical, and likes to move rapidly. We’re able to work together to discover what is needed and, if it can’t be bought, how to build it. With 26 percent of CXOs investing in artificial intelligence and 54 percent of surveyed healthcare executives reporting that traditional industry value chains are being replaced with new value models, it’s imperative we have someone like Doug on our team to be at the forefront of oshake-up up of the industry.

While more and more generalists are becoming CIOs and CTOs, I find that we would not be able to move at the pace we do or accomplish what we have if Doug were a generalist. As an expert in technology, there is no replacing his depth of knowledge and experience. One of the most important attributes of our relationship is the trust and confidence we have in each other. There’s no doubt in my mind that when we zero in on something, Doug will be able to figure out how to create it and take it the next level.

Written By

Daniel Pompilio

President and CEO, SimpleC

Daniel is an Atlanta technology entrepreneur with over 25 years in corporate and strategic planning, sales and marketing executive positions in corporations such as N.V. Phillips, IBM and Healtheon/WebMD.He is the CEO and Founder of SimpleC, the leading company in the science…

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