Global trends in enterprise mobility: What’s next?

By Pinchas Levinson


Recent trends in enterprise mobility have become critical topics of interest for organizations. According to a global survey, 71 percent of business enterprises believe mobility is a top priority, and 63 percent think mobility is the most significant factor in gaining competitive advantage. The global enterprise mobility market is also expected to bring in $240 billion in revenue in 2020 — a substantial fact that describes its coming potential for years to come.

As new technological paradigms emerge and data becomes increasingly large scale, more available and more complex, the ability to support a growing digital economy requires a smart and proactive response from companies. That is why many of today’s organizations are seeking the help of mobility experts and providers to alleviate stress in adopting mobile solutions in business — and guide both business leaders and end users.

Trends in enterprise mobility are also moving further away from the “cloud-only” approach to hybrid cloud technology, which combines the extended capability of cloud computing and reliability of on-premise solutions. A recent report from Microsoft shows that 92 percent of customers who deployed a hybrid solution stated that they would follow the same strategy again.

Much can be expected to develop in this sector in the coming years. But for the time being, let’s explore the current trends in global enterprise mobility by checking this infographic by TeleMessage.


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Pinchas Levinson

TeleMessage Digital Marketing Manager

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