Top 10 best restaurants in Barcelona you must visit during Mobile World Congress 2018

By Becky Lawlor

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A visit to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a taste of the local cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a place to take clients to dinner or for the perfect lunch spot to take a break from Mobile World Congress, Barcelona offers plenty of restaurants with authentic Catalonian cuisine that is sure to delight.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Barcelona offering traditional Catalan fare you won’t want to miss:

1. Can Cargolet

A working-class Catalan restaurant specializing in snails, Can Cargolet is located downtown on Urgell Street, very close to the metro. From the oilcloth table coverings to the staple pa amb tomàquet, this restaurant features as traditional Catalan food as you’ll find anywhere. If you’re not sure you’re up for snails, you can also enjoy chicken, grilled meat and, of course, tapas. The prices are mid-range and the portions are generous.

2. Ca l’Isidre

Located in El Raval, Ca l’Isidre is a must-experience, classic restaurant that specializes in serving the finest traditional cuisine with seasonal produce. The chocolate soufflé is a must-try specialty. You’ll also find a fine array of local Spanish wines that pair perfectly with your meal. This is one restaurant for which you’ll want to make reservations ahead of time. It’s also a great choice for hosting a client lunch or dinner.

3. Taverna El Glop

It might be hard to drum up excitement with a name like Glop, but this popular taverna in Barcelona’s old-world Gràcia neighborhood has a lot more to offer than its name suggests. Taverna El Glop has the ambiance of a neighborhood place that serves homestyle cooking across a broad range of Catalan dishes similar to what you might find in a nearby family kitchen. It also happens to serve some of the best paella in Barcelona. It is open from lunch through dinner, with no break in between, meaning it’s a good choice if you haven’t quite adjusted to having your dinner at 8 p.m. and want to dine earlier.

4. La Rita

A popular lunchtime restaurant, La Rita offers delicious traditional food presented with a modern twist. Lunch is a three-course affair, served with bread, water and wine with options for vegetarians alongside hearty meals like osso buco. Reservations aren’t accepted, so you may have to wait to get a table.

5. Cal Boter

Use your map to find this hidden gem a few steps off Pg. de Sant Joan. Cal Boter has a great fixed-rate lunch menu with very reasonable prices and excellent hospitality. Don’t expect haute cuisine, but simple, tasty regional fare with plenty of flexibility and choices for everyone.

6. Via Vento

Another great fine dining option, Via Vento offers an interesting menu for the cultivated palate. In business for more than fifty years, the restaurant is known for its excellent service — you’ll be treated like a king — and for classy ambiance. This is an excellent place to take clients for a memorable meal.

7. Tapas 24

Located in the Eixample district, this is a fun tapas restaurant where renowned chef Carles Abellan creates delicious traditional Catalonian tapas with an innovative twist. If you’re wondering what to try, ask the wait staff for some suggestions — but whatever you get, you won’t be disappointed.

8. Gresca

Also located in the Eixample district, Gresca is two restaurants in one: there is the fine dining section to the right and Gresca Bar to the left. On the fine dining side, you can enjoy a more classical dining experience, while the Gresca Bar offers a variety of tapas. Whichever side you choose, you’ll enjoy attentive service and amazing, flavorful food made from the finest fresh produce.

9. La Mar Salada

Dining in Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without a chance to sample the local seafood. Located along a street of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona, La Mar Salada stands out by offering a budget-friendly option for fabulous classic dishes made with a creative twist. The fixed-price lunch menu changes weekly and offers a great opportunity to try what’s currently in season.

10. Espai Sucre

Like the name implies, this restaurant is all about the sugar. As the world’s first dessert-only restaurant, Espai Sucre serves multicourse tasting menus of sweet-and-savory desserts. Expect to be have your taste buds delighted. This is a great option when you need a little energy boost after a long afternoon of sightseeing.

Given that Barcelona is home to some of the most brilliant classical chefs of the Mediterranean cuisine, this list just scrapes the surface of amazing dining opportunities available. If you can’t make it out to one of these best restaurants in Barcelona, the convention center where Mobile World Congress is held also has over 40 restaurants, including fast food and sit-down options for almost every diet and culinary taste.

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