Making high-stakes decisions with mobile: The power is in your hands

By Becky Lawlor

"Outage" with a background of a lit-up city.

Your city’s been hit by a powerful storm, and the energy plant where you oversee operations has been struck by lightning. You hear an explosion and instantly know that things have gone terribly wrong. Not only do you need to secure the plant and ensure the safety of the personnel working there, but you also need to get power back up quickly. The local hospital depends on electricity from your plant to power their lifesaving work. You have minutes, not hours, to resolve the crisis.

At Mobile World Congress, IBM is premiering “Outage: A Take Action Film,” a mission-critical mobile interactive video. Directed by Brad Turner, the director of “24” and “Homeland,” this choose-your-own-adventure experience allows you to interact with high-adrenaline, critical-choice moments that Turner’s work is famous for — then witness the outcome of those choices.

No matter which industry you work in — energy and utilities, government, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, aviation or travel — you may someday be faced with choices that will impact the health of your business, or even human lives. This interactive experience gives you the opportunity to put yourself to the test and make crucial, potentially life-changing decisions — but without the real-world consequences. It also demonstrates how mobile solutions can be used to improve decision-making in the moment.

With the right apps and integration, mobile devices become powerful tools to help you make informed, prompt decisions — augmented with AI and machine learning, synced with the cloud for real-time, 360-degree integrated data and insights and enveloped with security for increased trust.

The power is in your hands. How will you take action?

Immerse yourself in a mobile adventure

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