Digital transformation highlights from Mobile World Congress 2018, Day 3: Inside the IBM booth, AI giants and more

By Jasmine Henry

Mobile World Congress 2018 may be three-quarters over, but mobility is an unstoppable force of digital transformation in the enterprise, society and consumer habits. It was another action- and information-packed day at the world’s largest mobile technology gathering in Barcelona.

Highlights from day three: insights on the AI giants that walk among us and an insider’s view of the IBM booth at #MWC18 — and, of course, more cutting-edge mobility experiences and immersive tech that’s changing the world.

Experience IBM at Mobile World Congress

What if you could make your ambitions and dreams for tomorrow a reality today?

The power is — quite literally — in the hands of visitors to IBM at Hall 3, Booth 3H30, who are invited to immerse themselves in real and simulated stories of how IBM solutions are creating better business models, exceeding customer expectations and creating a better future.

Visitors can interact with six distinct experiences, chat one-on-one with an IBMer and power up with refreshments served by baristas.

Social change, justice and sustainability has been a major theme at MWC 18. Keeping with this theme of using mobility to build a better world for everyone, IBM’s booth experiences are built using reusable assets that will make future appearances at the upcoming NAB and THINK.

Dreams become reality: 5 real stories about mobile, AI, IoT and more

While the 100,000 attendees of #MWC18 are getting a lot of exposure to the future of mobile digital transformation, you can also take a look at what mobile tech is doing for real firms today with five interactive demos from organizations at the top of five very different industries: retail, consumer goods, sports and telecom.

Showcases from the IBM booth allow attendees to discover for themselves how brands are translating mobility into a winning strategy:

  1. Migros integrates the digital and in-store retail customer experiences
  2. Knorr discovers individual flavor profiles
  3. AMBSE creates the ultimate fan experience at the Mercedez-Benz stadium
  4. Vodafone uses AI for superior customer care
  5. NASCAR performs under any weather conditions

Interact from home with IBM at Mobile World Congress 2018

A devastating storm has left millions in darkness, and one engineer is racing to restore power with cutting-edge mobility capabilities. Here’s the catch — she can’t do it without your help, and time is running out!

Visitors to IBM at Mobile World Congress get to be the hero during an outage, thanks to IBM’s first Take Action film directed by Brad Turner of “24” and “Homeland.” This immersive, interactive film experience puts viewers in control with four possible decisions and seven outcomes.

Luckily, you don’t physically need to be at IBM’s booth to experience this heart-pounding simulation for yourself. Click here or interact with the following tweet to see if you could survive “Outage.”

Harnessing the power of AI giants

AI has an unquestionably positive impact, but how should tech leaders approach the obstacles? IBM Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord, along with Google Distinguished Engineer Beshad Behzadi and Salesforce SVP John Carney, addressed AI pitfalls and ethics in today’s session “AI Giants.”

Augmenting human intelligence for good, per Lord, requires companies to “take data and unleash it. Know your customer better than anyone else.” While he emphasized that ethical issues of consent and privacy are crucial to address, Lord admitted, “I don’t subscribe to the fatalistic version of AI that is portrayed in Hollywood. Every profession will be impacted by AI, and there will be more jobs created than job displacement.”

Day 3 digital transformation highlights

There were more products on display and cool tech releases to explore today at MWC18. It’s always nearly impossible to capture the sheer volume of digital transformation on display, but a few innovation highlights from Barcelona include:

1. Graphene

There’s an entire Experience Zone dedicated to graphene, an emerging 2-D material with near-infinite applications that is solving problems and enhancing existing solutions for IoT, connected health, energy and more. Did you know graphene is the strongest material ever tested?

2. AI cars

While autonomous vehicles are definitely futuristic stuff, a few brands and manufacturers have very real examples of self-driving smart cars available for attendees to interact with.

3. Wild virtual experiences

VR is everywhere you look, and just a few of the VR experiences available to attendees included a roller coaster, moon walk and a flying dinosaur.

See what happened on day 1, day 2 and day 4.

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