Why you should attend a mobile conference in 2018

By Jonathan Crowl

Hardly any business, regardless of industry, can make it through a single day of operations without leaning on some type of mobility. Whether it’s retail payment solutions, supply chain management, streaming media, interactive training platforms or the everyday presence of devices used by employees, staying up-to-date on mobile trends and strategies is becoming a vital aspect of remaining competitive in 2018.

For any business struggling to stay on top of these trends, attending a mobile conference may be exactly what the doctor ordered. This year, dozens of mobile conferences will be taking place around the world that feature innovations and developments affecting enterprise mobility. If you haven’t seriously considered attending one of these mobile conferences, here’s a breakdown of what you stand to gain and which conferences should be on your short list.

The opportunities available at a mobile conference

Like any other professional summit, a mobile conference offers the ability to network with other businesses and professionals and attend seminars filled with professional guidance. You may find other professionals tackling similar challenges to those you are currently grappling with around enterprise mobility. Conferences lend themselves to a free-flowing exchange of ideas that business leaders can bring home and implement within their own organizations.

TechBeacon notes that leading mobile conferences offer many options for intensive trainings and mobile certifications, giving IT and other relevant staff an opportunity to expose themselves to tangible skills that might be harder to find in their local area. These benefits come in addition to the focused time available to business leaders to evaluate new solutions in person that might be able to improve one or more aspects of their current operations.

Breaking down the best mobile conferences

There are a slew of mobile conferences to choose from, ranging from local to global events. If you’re looking to build your brand and reach a larger audience, you’d be wise to consider one of the larger gatherings that offer more diverse networking opportunities, broader thought leadership and more chances to connect with potential partners and vendors. There are four big conferences worth any organization’s time:

  • Mobile World Congress. This is one of the largest conferences in the world, and it’s also the most diverse and valuable to executives and non-developers working with business mobility. Hosted in Barcelona, it will host more than 100,000 attendees and 2,200 exhibitors, guaranteeing that every business can find partners, solutions and ideas to serve their organizations.
  • Google I/O. This conference caters more to Android developers, but it’s a great resource for in-depth training and education on enterprise development. The organization’s slogan, “Innovation in the Open,” underscores its mission of helping businesses to enhance their mobility.
  • Apple WWDC. Similar to Google I/O, this is a conference dedicated to developers for iOS. While that might not be of interest to non-IT executives in your organization, it might be worth sending some personnel to learn the latest trends in mobility as they relate to Apple devices and operating systems.
  • MobileHCI. Founded in 1998, MobileHCI is one of the longest-running conferences dedicated to mobile development. It takes a more academic approach to mobility, drawing more attention and involvement from researchers and innovative developers, but it still offers valuable sessions and lessons for enterprise organizations. This is especially true for companies looking to embrace IoT, wearables and AI, as well as other cutting-edge strategies.

Why executives should attend Mobile World Congress 2018

For executives eager to attend a mobile conference, it’s hard to do better than Mobile World Congress 2018. From a networking perspective, this gathering can’t be matched: More than 100,000 attendees means you’re almost certain to make valuable connections that will be helpful to your business.

Owing to its size and significant media coverage, MWC also garners world-renowned keynote speakers and a broader focus that caters to everyone in the organization. It’s not just the CIO and IT staff who can benefit from attending: CEOs, operations management, customer service experts and other professionals dealing with mobility can all find ways to gather ideas, explore new opportunities, and return home with plans to push the organization forward.

Executives can be involved in many ways beyond simply attending. You can choose to set up an exhibit for your company, or even join a pavilion of exhibits dedicated to specific industries or mobile sectors, if your exhibit fits the given theme. You could also choose to have your company sponsor or host an event, whether on- or off-site; the event can focus on a specific aspect of mobility or can be networking-focused among a certain group of professionals. If you already have established mobility practices and are leveraging mobility in an innovative way, you might consider submitting a panel or presentation that creates a case study from your company’s mobile strategy.

Given the outsized role mobility plays in today’s enterprise operations, attending a mobile conference is never a waste of time or money. Whether you’re on the cutting edge or just starting to think about your company’s mobile strategy, consider attending one of these conferences — it just might serve as a launchpad for greater success.