Unleash empowered employees with mobile technology

By Jaime Lefkowitz

Enabling your on-the-go sales and service professionals with a 360° real-time view of the client — and easy access to your company’s most up-to-date content — is no longer “nice to have,” it is imperative. With the erosion of customer loyalty, every customer interaction is more crucial than ever. We need to know our customers and their business as well as, if not better than, we know our own business. Client expectations have never been higher; to remain relevant, you need empowered employees to truly add value to your business.

The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, or nearly once every six minutes. These mobile devices generate an ever-increasing amount of new information. There are more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, including countless uploads of videos, images, geopositioning information and daily social media updates that increasingly originate from mobile devices.

It is no longer about having access to data, it is about having access to the right data at the right time with context and credibility. What if you could empower your workforce with the data they need to close more deals, close larger deals and improve NPS results? Now you can, by building a solution that includes SFDC, advanced analytics and a custom mobile application.

Service professionals are reducing truck roles and improving customer satisfaction

The eight-hour service window is now a thing of the past, so optimizing a service professional’s time is crucial. Imagine a scenario where, based on the scheduled jobs for the day, the necessary parts are identified and a list is sent to the employee as a notification on their tablet. Next, utilizing the most up-to-date weather and traffic information combined with the estimated completion times for each job, a suggested optimal route for the day populates in the map application.

Before her first cup of coffee, this could save the service professional a significant amount of time and ensure a higher likelihood of fixing issues during the first call. Multiply this scenario over an entire field service organization, and the cost savings are significant.

Now on-site, the technician finds a piece of equipment with an issue. She comes upon a problem she has never seen before. In the past, this would result in a call to the call center for additional help. Now, an AI-powered interface in the application can walk her through the steps to resolution. The system recommends the most likely steps to fix the identified issue, empowering the employee to implement a one-stop resolution and keep the customer happy. She was also able to avoid the call center, significantly reducing costs.

As the technician wraps up the job, she takes down some notes letting the next tech know that some of the wires are hidden in the walls and marks the job complete in real time. Using some of the extra time she has gained, she accesses a guided sales module in the application and is able to offer the customer a relevant cross-sell opportunity. The job is closed out, and the system automatically emails the client before the technician is back in the truck.

Imagine the service professional has real-time access to outages and service issues. As she is leaving the 1 PM call, she receives a notification that a switch 1.5 miles from her location has just failed. She is dynamically rerouted in real time and is able to fix the issue affecting hundreds of people long before most of them realize it was an issue. This saves countless truck roles, dollars and potential dips in customer satisfaction.

Sales professionals are using smart mobile prospecting

Imagine a world in which sellers are proactively informed of qualified clients with the highest propensity to buy within a designated mile radius. They are automatically fed curated client information, including deep insights into their value, markets and industries. By applying advanced analytics to determine the best research sources and output results, your sellers will have access to all of the external (news, databases, social listening) and internal information on your potential client available at their fingertips. We do not have to imagine this scenario any longer; it is available today.

When utilizing the right solution, you are not only empowering your employees to sell more — they can use the time they are saving to go on more sales calls, which will lead to a higher ROI and additional revenue. One more sales call a week per seller and a small increase in their close rate — imagine the impact that alone would have on revenue.

When your sales professional gets up in the morning and opens her app, she gets a view of her day and sees that her first meeting is with XYC Industries. With the push of a button, she can see collaborative notes from all teammates that have interacted with XYC. She browses through the previous presentations and can see the note from the customer service call that XYC made last night. Good thing that was highlighted so she can be prepared to address it with the client. It looks like XYC had a bad night; the seller is also alerted to a Twitter event that happened hours prior. She is able to adjust the presentation accordingly. A notification warns her that traffic is building up and she should get going. No need for that second cup of coffee this morning, she is prepared and ready to close the deal with XYC.

The meeting went well, and the client was impressed that the seller addressed both the customer service issue and the overnight news. The seller is feeling great. On her way out of the meeting, she gets an alert on her device: two other potential clients have been identified in the area. These are new prospects, so her device links her to external research, news and even a list of suggested products to lead with based on what has been sold to similar clients. This is shaping up to be a great day.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation these days, but what does it really mean? As these two examples demonstrate, empowered employees with the right information at the right time can lead to increased customer satisfaction, revenue and employee productivity. Think about the possibilities in other areas of your business and in other verticals, such as finance and healthcare. The possibility to have a real impact on a real life is in your hands.

Written By

Jaime Lefkowitz

Associate Partner - IBM GBS Comms Sector Mobile & Apple Partnership, Media & Ent

Jaime Lefkowitz is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in sales, sales leadership, product development and business development. His career has been focused on the intersection of Mobility & Media and he has worked with industry leaders to jump start and…