AT&T and IBM collaborate to advance enterprise mobility

By Bryan Gillis

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Digital technologies are transforming the way people and businesses interact, and there is no doubt that mobile initiatives are now a top priority for businesses. According to Gartner, 70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices by 2022. Enterprise mobility, when done right, can propel any business forward by changing how employees not only collaborate with each other, but also how they engage with customers.

In today’s digital world, business leaders can no longer afford to adopt a fragmented mobile approach, rolling out one cumbersome app across multiple job roles, often with little or no support for complex, corporate data systems. No matter the industry, it’s about getting the right data with context to employees so they are better equipped to do their job.

Successful enterprise mobility begins with the end user: the professionals who need “in-the-moment” access to secure, critical information to change how they approach work. Businesses must use a holistic approach — from creating intuitive mobile apps that are tailored to the end user to deployment and integration with core business systems — that will improve business processes and enrich employee interaction to solve a business problem.

Together with AT&T, we have delivered numerous innovations to the market that build on our companies’ strengths in wireless connectivity and advanced analytics for AT&T’s enterprise customers to improve their business processes. We are now building on our alliance to deliver industry-specific, analytics-driven mobile solutions designed to transform how professionals work, helping to lead a mobile-first digital transformation across the enterprise.

Reinventing businesses, digitizing industries

Together, AT&T and IBM are combining their expertise in mobility to offer IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps to AT&T’s business customers. Focused on industry segments, these made-for-business apps seamlessly connect to an organization’s enterprise processes while providing a compelling mobile experience.

With critical, timely data and insights at their fingertips, employees are empowered with the right tools to change the way they perform everyday tasks for maximum productivity and higher levels of customer service and engagement.

For example, a retail associate can use the Sales Assist app for iPad to quickly access deeper up-to-date product information to guide in-store customers and lead them with ease to the right products without ever having to leave the customer’s side. Store associates are better equipped to provide on-the-spot recommendations, such as additional complementary items available based on a customer’s previous purchases, creating a simpler digital in-store experience.

AT&T and IBM are also establishing a Mobile Innovation Lab to support the deployment of these prebuilt and custom enterprise iOS apps. The two companies will work closely with enterprise customers across multiple industries to design a complete mobile platform that fits their business needs — from device deployment to app integration and management — and accelerates their digital transformation.

Under this new collaboration, AT&T customers will have access to:

  • A catalog of more than 50 market-ready iOS applications spanning 15 industries, including retail, consumer products, financial services, transportation and manufacturing that simplify business processes, improve productivity and employee engagement and enhance decision-making
  • Dedicated teams that will modify existing apps, create new customized apps, oversee app integration into core enterprise systems, deploy and manage iOS devices and enable new service plans
  • AT&T and IBM mobile enterprise products and services, including AT&T Cybersecurity solutions and applications for end-to-end protection

Leading by example

AT&T is already utilizing IBM MobileFirst for iOS capabilities for its own transformation with the recent implementation of the MDU Tracker app for field technicians. We designed and developed this custom iOS app using an employee-centric approach, creating functionality with input from the perspective of AT&T’s technicians who rely on the app to complete job assignments in the field.

Using an iPhone or iPad, these field technicians now have access to more than 15 data points that transform a largely paper-based, manual work process into a real-time mobile workflow. AT&T’s field technicians are currently using the app to assist with the installation of fiber throughout commercial and residential buildings nationwide, and MDU Tracker is saving up to an hour each day in paperwork.

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Bryan Gillis

Associate Partner, Global Business Services, IBM

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