Mobile phone usage in the UK: What do our mobile devices really mean to us? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By James Carr

61% of British adults spend two or more hours per day on their mobile phones, with Brummies being the most addicted to their handsets.
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Many of us treasure our phones and are happy to invest in buying a handset outright or pay our monthly contract fees. Mobile Phones Direct conducted a survey to find out what mobile devices really mean to the UK public. Here are the (surprising) results:

What do we use our phones for?

Although we can easily access social media, mobile games and videos on our mobile devices, many of us still use our phones for their primary use: phone calls and texts.

Contrary to the number of people using their phones for phone calls and texts, a quarter of Brits use their phones mainly for social media, playing games and watching videos.

New vs. old: Do we prefer buying the latest handsets?

Getting a new phone regularly is something that Brits like to do, as 23 percent of us get a new phone at least once a year. Most of us prefer brand-new handsets over secondhand or refurbished phones, with 86 percent of us owning a new device.

Most of us are bargain hunters when it comes to how much we pay for a new phone. The majority of us prefer to spend under £300, and 82 percent of us estimate spending no more than £300 for a new phone.

How much time do we spend on our phones?

Many people say that they are addicted to their phone, but what does that mean in practice? Over half of us (61 percent, in fact), spend two or more hours a day using our phones — and it is people from Birmingham who you’ll find on their phone the most compared to any other UK city.

When it comes to changing our handsets, people from Manchester are more likely to regularly buy a new phone, with 70 percent of Mancunians purchasing a new phone every one to two years.

Do we protect our phones (and our bank balances)?

Though many modern handsets rival durable classics like the Nokia 3310, our phones are not indestructible. A mishap can damage both our handsets and our finances.

Protecting our phones seems to be related to age. The younger generation is more cautious, with 28 percent of respondents aged 25 to 38 insuring their phones, compared to just 13 percent of those over age 65.

Taking out an insurance policy to protect our devices from scuffs, scratches and damage is important — it can save many tears in the long run! A fifth of those surveyed have cried over breaking their phone, so perhaps it is time to cover your back (and your phone).
Mobile phone usage in the UK infographic


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