5 strategies for promoting Black Friday deals using mobile apps

By Taylor Holland

| Retail

With mere days left until Black Friday, holiday shoppers are already meticulously planning their itineraries for the big day. They’re making their lists, checking them twice and finding out which stores have the best Black Friday deals on the items their families and friends want most.

Last year, Black Friday sales reached an all-time high of $3.34 billion, up 21.6 percent from the previous year. It was also the first time in retail history that mobile spending topped $1 billion. At $1.2 billion, it accounted for more than one-third of the day’s total revenue. Hoping to cash in on what could be another record-breaking year, smart retailers are tapping into every available channel to spread the word about their holiday promotions. And no omnichannel marketing approach is complete without a focus on mobile apps.

Whether the ultimate goal is to drive online sales or foot traffic, a strong mobile app strategy can help keep customers informed about Black Friday deals and get them excited for the big day. Below are the top five strategies to engage mobile app users, just in time for some serious holiday shopping:

1. Offer a sneak peek

Most people only download mobile apps from their favorite retailers, the ones with whom they shop most often. To reward that loyalty, retailers can offer app users special insight into items that will be on sale, a chance to enter the store before everyone else for some early-bird shopping or the ability to reserve one sale item ahead of time. A popular global cosmetics retailer is providing a sneak peek to their Black Friday deals exclusively with their app.

2. Personalize the push notifications

The best way to entice mobile app users to look at a full list of Black Friday deals is to highlight the ones in which they’re most interested. Using behavioral data, including recently viewed items and products they’ve abandoned in their shopping carts, retailers can send personalized push notifications — for example, “Three items you recently viewed will be on sale on Black Friday. Click to see which ones.”

3. Go hyperlocal

Any experienced Black Friday shopper knows that store inventories often vary dramatically by location. One store might have hundreds of a particular item while another only has a few dozen. Push notifications can help to put customers’ minds at ease — or motivate them to turn off the football game and rush into the store when supplies are starting to run low. Using location data, companies can provide consumers with insight into store inventory on big ticket items, and also alert mobile app users about special deals at their local stores.

4. Encourage pregame window shopping

Most Black Friday shoppers do online research before deciding which stores to visit, but some products are just more impressive when seen in person. Using geofencing, retailers can determine when mobile app users are inside or nearby a local store and send those shoppers a special alert about upcoming Black Friday deals. For example, if a customer passes by the store, the retailer could send a mobile alert suggesting they come inside to take a closer look at items that will be on sale and start making a game plan for the big day.

5. Offer special discounts and giveaways

How can retailers make Black Friday deals even more enticing for mobile app users? Offering even deeper discounts or free gifts, mobile-only sweepstakes, raffles, giveaways and contests will certainly help to get customers’ attention, as would a simple text or in-app message that says, “Shop with us on Black Friday and get an extra 10 percent off.”

But remember: While Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year for most retailers, it’s not the only big sale of the season. These mobile app strategies can help enterprises engage customers throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

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