The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and more: The biggest news from Tuesday’s Apple event

By Jonathan Crowl

| Retail

Apple’s product reveal events have been hit or miss in recent years, leaving fans and observers alike in the dark about what might happen at this week’s event hosted on Apple’s new corporate campus. By the end of the day, it felt like a throwback event, not because the products were outdated, but because the company seemed to hit a massive home run — or, rather, three home runs.

From introducing the iPhone X to heralding new advancements in smartwatch technology, Apple’s event turned out to be full of surprises and big reveals.

iPhones aplenty

CEO Tim Cook took the stage and introduced three new iPhones before the day was through. The more predictable reveals were the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which come with one major feature change: wireless charging.

Visually, these iPhones will also improve on their predecessors’ offerings, including a redesign that features glass backs along with larger screens and longer battery life. The iPhone 8 series will retail at $799 and $899, respectively.

The bigger surprise was Apple’s first foray into the premium smartphone market: The company unveiled the iPhone X, a sleek new smartphone that features OLED technology and a better color display than any smartphone on the market. The screen will also feature an edge-to-edge display. At $999, it won’t come cheap, but its Nov. 3 release will be hotly anticipated as Apple continues to raise the bar for elegance and functionality in the smartphone market.

iphone X and iphone 8 and 8 plus

The top-selling watch in the world

The iPhone announcements were obvious crowd-pleasers, but the biggest boon to the company’s bottom line might prove to be the continued success of the Apple Watch. Cook announced the Apple Watch recently became the best-selling watch in the world, beating out even traditional watches from makers such as Fossil and Rolex.

Cook then made an even more impressive announcement: As the Apple Watch rose to the world’s most popular watch, Apple unveiled a new version of the device that crushes its predecessors in terms of performance. The Apple Watch Series 3 will feature a dual-core processor that is 70 percent faster than the previous model, according to BGR. New band options will please consumers who want better color options.

However, perhaps most important is the built-in cellular data connectivity, which means the Apple Watch can now access maps, phone calls, music streaming and other data-dependent services without being tethered to an iPhone. The Apple Watch is finally a standalone device, and this can only support its continued global adoption. This cellular-enabled version of the watch will retail for $399.

Apple watch series 3

Upgrades to Apple TV

Apple’s TV technology hasn’t necessarily been a starring product for the company, but that might change due to the company’s announcement of a new version of the little black box. The next-generation Apple TV will offer 4K resolution and a high dynamic range video display, dramatically improving picture quality. Apple has also improved the graphics card in its newest version of Apple TV, which will retail for $179 and be available later this month.

It’s rare for so many surprises to be packed into a single event, but Apple’s slate of new product announcements was just the big splash the company needed to remind the world it’s a titan of consumer technology.

New Apple TV showing 4K versus 4k HDR