How enterprises can market their mobile apps to boost their discoverability

By Sohel Ather

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Mobile apps help brands connect with a great scope of customers.

Having a mobile application for your business is not enough in this competitive world. It’s essential to market your mobile apps in the right manner so that your customers get to know about them and can access them when required. With discoverable mobile apps, brands become more accessible to and reliable for customers. However, how can brands make their apps more discoverable? How can they market their new apps to get more users?

Businesses have many different options when it comes to marketing their apps for customer-centric operations. Many brands have realized the importance of having mobile applications, as they can reach a maximum number of customers and deliver real-time information about products and services.

Still, if you don’t have an application for your business, mobile apps can help your brand upgrade its business operations and enhance customer focus in the following ways:

  • You can stay connected with your customers and audience all the time and retain more of them.
  • By having a mobile app, brands can better reach out to customers through push notifications and localization tools.
  • The app will provide information about promotional offers, discounts and deals faster than any other means, keeping your customers informed.
  • An app can let your brand boost its name at a global scale.

The above-mentioned points are some of the advantages of having a mobile application for your business, but how will you make your app discoverable and gain a good amount of traction? To help customers discover your app, you need to market it correctly. The following is a look at the different ways you can market your mobile app:

Connect with niche influencers

As you know, some bloggers, reviewers and websites are enjoying unmatched credibility for their app reviews. If you want your target audience to discover your app quickly, this is the most effective way to do it.


While influencers have many followers and great industry recognition, they may not have the expertise you’re looking for. It’s important that influential reviewers are experts in your industry. For instance, if an influential figure reviews your hotel app, that influencer should know about the hospitality industry. Make sure influencers who are reviewing your app understand the sector this app is trying to enter.

Build a strong online presence

You can improve your app’s online presence by showing it on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels. You can even go so far as to create a dedicated website just for your app. The landing page can include a download link, which will directly lead visitors to the app store listing. In addition, the landing page can cover the benefits of your app.

Use a blog to provide regular updates and other content about your app. This is particularly important when leading up to the launch. Make sure you continue to share the latest feature updates as well in order to entice potential users who are interested in those features. Use clickable website banners to show important app information, and link through to actionable content.

Listen to your customers

During the first stages of your app’s release, listen carefully to your customers’ feedback so you can include a response form in your app and on your website. You should read regular reviews in the app store and ask your loyal customers to contribute their reviews. Pay attention to small complaints, and provide solutions. Keep these communication channels open in the long run, as it will help you consistently improve your app’s ratings.

Make your launch event a big one

A big launch event can give your brand a chance to reach your audience in a big way. Through a pre-launch, you are not only able to develop a sensation for the event, but you can also influence people to download the app before it’s publicly revealed.

Using social media platforms, you can generate tremendous excitement among your customers. Post interesting teasers, videos, content and images across your brand’s social platforms to generate interest among your audience. When announcing the application launch, you can organize events and invite notable community members, bloggers, social media influencers and members of the press to create buzz for it.

Optimize keywords

App store discoverability is the most important factor you need to consider at the time of your app launch. According to Kissmetrics, an Apptentive report revealed approximately 63 percent of iOS users are looking for apps organically. And, TechCrunch reports a whopping 83 percent of all iOS apps are zombie apps, which are fundamentally invisible in an organic App Store search.

These are the main figures that highlight the importance of keyword research and optimization. The main purpose is to attract organic traffic to your website and app, which is possible by examining industry trends and staying up-to-date on app store optimization strategies.

No matter what type of business you are running, these tactics can help you better market your apps and make them discoverable to your customers.

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