Artificial intelligence applications disrupting enterprises

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory

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It was fitting that the first ever “Summit on the Lawn” at Enterprise Connect 2017 addressed a topic that is disrupting the status quo: artificial intelligence applications. Though sitting on a chair outside in the Florida sunshine is a pleasant disruption that would be a nice conference trend, this change pales in comparison to the changes AI has already brought.

In his No Jitter article, Zeus Kerravala listed the rise in digital customer experience (where AI shines) as one of his top takeaways from the event. He specifically pointed out that AI can power the customer contact center to produce the omnichannel experience all brands are trying to achieve.

More than just digital assistants

Not that long ago — but forever in technology time — digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa were just emerging and beginning to cause disruptions. Today, the real power of artificial intelligence applications goes far beyond searching, setting up appointments and sending messages.

This is about more than intelligent searching, smart scheduling and automated messaging. The real power comes when enterprises combine this technology with data analytics, the IoT and communications systems. Enterprises then have actionable and innovative insights to use for decision-making, not just regurgitating information on the internet or using an app. For instance, the Watson Company Profiler uses this concept to provide brands with actionable insights about competitors or potential acquisitions culled from Dun & Bradstreet records. More importantly, the profiler becomes smarter each time it is used and is able to deliver more accurate and relevant insights as time goes on.


Changing the enterprise forever

With AI, the analytics and insights are available in real-time, which will change customers’ expectations of the digital experience. Brands not using AI will likely find their digital innovations fail to meet customer expectations because they lack the learning and insight that will soon become common.

Partnerships such as the combination of Salesforce’s Einstein and IBM’s Watson are also taking AI to a new level. By using Watson to find data across many industries and Einstein to provide customer insights, enterprises can make quick, accurate business decisions that help their brands disrupt their industries.

The conversation that happened recently on the lawn in Orlando is just the beginning of many discussions about the impact of combining AI with data analytics. By using artificial intelligence applications to their full capacities, enterprises will be able to leverage much more than digital assistants and chatbots.

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