Winning in a platform-driven world

By Steve Canepa

As our hyper-competitive marketplace meets more demanding customers and limitless high fidelity content meets multi-channel ubiquitous distribution, something has got to give.

Change is the new constant in the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries, as business models rapidly transform from supply chain incremental value-add notions to platform economies.  Firms in every market around the globe are immersed in a competitive battle for survival as much as they strive for success.

Historically, media and entertainment franchises oriented their value propositions toward creating unique and compelling content and then exploiting it through scarce distribution. And, communication service providers (CSPs) focused on highly optimized and efficient network architectures that could deliver consistent, but relatively static, services.

Now, there are more channels, more devices and more video content produced than anyone can consume. The battle is for time, attention and money, thus leading to a race to realign around the consumer and customer insight. Understanding their needs, wants, preferences and demands and discerning who amongst them can influence others to act is critical to every business.

content and network overlap with consumer

To provide superior value to consumers in an environment where there are unrelenting pressures on capital expenditure, operational expenditure and margins, telecommunications and media & entertainment firms are migrating from fixed-function infrastructures to virtualized services. In the emerging “platform-driven” world, differentiated content and service offerings require a new level of agility. We are working with clients to deploy cloud platforms and cognitive solutions to reinvent operations in all aspects of their business.

There are three key imperatives driving this change. The need to:

  • Deliver personalized and differentiated world-class digital customer engagement across all channels with deep insight, design thinking, and continually improving compelling experiences.
  • Transform distribution platforms with network function virtualization to accelerate time to market, to increase agility and to efficiently deliver a portfolio of innovative, secure and resilient next-generation voice, data and video services.
  • Accelerate enterprise transformation with dramatic improvements in efficiency and cost by streamlining and transforming core-processes and applying cognitive capabilities to all business and technology and architecture domains.
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When telecommunications and media & entertainment companies excel at these imperatives, they attract, retain and grow their customer base, improve their net-promoter scores, evolve their product and service offers, make the most of new channels and prevent the advance of new competitors. All of this can be done while improving their business performance.

Sports teams are now providing highly personalized experiences that adjust to consumer behavior. CSPs are delivering high-value consumer services with real-time targeted campaigns that are tuned to weather and proximity.   Cognitive solutions are now transforming customer service and support with digital agents while augmenting network operations and engineering.

The move to virtualized networks will be one of the biggest changes of them all.   These new virtualized network platforms will be cloud-based cognitive systems.   They will be grounded in standards-based technology and methodology.  The benefits of these transformations will only accelerate business successes.

Written By

Steve Canepa

General Manager - Global Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Industry at IBM

Steve is responsible for the P&L of a market-leading global organization working with firms in the telecommunications, cable, entertainment, on-line, games, advertising, broadcast, publishing, satellite, sports, music, search, and social segments. He has grown the business into…