Mobile trends in Asia: What the future holds

By Scott Steinberg

Mobile trends in Asia are evolving at a blistering clip. A GSMA Intelligence report has predicted that an additional billion people will be connected to mobile networks by 2020, one-third of whom will come from India alone. Likewise, according to Percolate, Asia-Pacific is expected to soon become the world’s largest mobile app market, representing nearly 162.2 billion downloads — about three times as many as the Americas.

To put things in perspective, China alone will soon account for more than 51.9 percent of the world’s app consumption, reported Business Insider. With this in mind, it helps for business leaders to stay abreast of current and upcoming changes in the marketplace. The following are some current and emerging mobile trends in Asia:

Second-screen apps will increase in popularity

Based on the Percolate report, mobile users in the Asia-Pacific region are more likely to have embraced second-screen experiences such as companion apps and content sharing solutions. Many are also more likely to multitask and are looking for social media experiences to engage with while media is being displayed on a primary screen, such as a TV. This would align with larger global mobile trends, which indicate that viewing mobile videos is more popular than ever among general audiences and that these audiences are increasingly looking for interactive mobile experiences to complement standard media consumption.

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Live broadcasting and social sharing will continue to expand

Real-time video broadcasting solutions continue to enjoy burgeoning popularity in Asia, with users increasingly seeking ways to share filmed creations online. From recording to live streaming, even more end users will look to become content creators going forward and share their interests through popular apps, tools and online services for filming and uploading self-made content. Offering audiences a way to interact with popular products and brands, shine a spotlight on their favorite hobbies or become internet personalities, business leaders can expect even more consumers to embrace these tools and adopt a mindset of social sharing and interaction in the next few years. Naturally, mobile marketing and communications programs should be designed to take these factors into account in the coming months.

Emerging markets remain a growth area

Mobile device popularity, especially smartphones, is anticipated to remain on an upward trajectory in the Asia-Pacific region. With more individuals and countries across the region driving a significant portion of mobile and online growth, you can expect to see mobile solutions become more entrenched as a fixture of daily life. Thus, a growing number of app developers and businesses throughout the region are increasingly looking for ways to help individuals connect and communicate with peers, even in markets where high-speed broadband networks or wireless connections may be limited. As such, considerable opportunities still exist to make significant inroads in the region, especially with regard to content development and delivery. According to the GSMA Intelligence report, Asian markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar will be responsible for 60 percent of the 1.1 billion new mobile subscribers added by 2020.

Innovation in mobile is becoming increasingly vital

Connected consumers in Asia are young, have money to spend and are likely to be mobile-first or mobile-only internet users. However, because they’re increasingly more tech-savvy, more mobile and less likely to own big-ticket purchases such as houses and cars, they’re also harder to connect with and engage. As a result, businesses and brands have to be far more ingenious when designing solutions to capture and hold their attention, let alone influence purchase decisions. Finding unique ways to quickly grab this audience’s attention and drive users to take positive action will be paramount when designing user experiences, products, services and communications campaigns.

As you look at the global business landscape, it’s crucial to keep in mind mobile trends in Asia. Not only are end users in this region becoming increasingly influential, but the trends they’re helping to influence are having a growing impact on the worldwide market. These are trends today’s senior executives would do well to keep in mind as they think about the future of their businesses.

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