Innovative handwriting recognition app wins Mobile Apps Showdown at CES 2017

By Kristina Smith

This year at CES 2017, Living in Digital Times hosted its seventh annual Mobile Apps Showdown. After pre-event online voting and a live competition on the CES stage, MyScript Nebo, a handwriting recognition app, took home first place in both the online and live events. Accepting the award were MyScript CEO Paddy Padmanabhan and Vice President of Product Management Denis Manceau. We got the opportunity to sit down with both of them after the event to learn more about Nebo. Here are some insights they shared with us:

About the app

Nebo is an innovative note-taking application that enables users to tap into the power of interactive ink to create digital documents. The app combines the handwriting experience with interactive ink in order to bring greater productivity and seamlessness to the note-taking experience. With Nebo, users have full control over the experience, including editing handwritten notes in real-time.

Nebo’s features include the ability to create diagrams, do live mathematical calculations, create headings, make bullet lists and design layouts. All of this can be done by hand using a stylus and then be easily converted into a digital Word document straight from the app.

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MyScript’s mission

As one of the global leaders in handwriting recognition and digital ink technology, the team’s mission is to “bring this revolutionary handwriting technology to everyday communications,” Padmanabhan said. The team is focused on providing users with the ability to freely edit and seamlessly share documents across multiple operating systems and platforms. They believe this will be a huge time-saver and productivity tool for individuals and companies alike.

What’s next for MyScript’s Nebo?

“Whatever you can do with a keyboard, you can now do with a pen,” Manceau said.

MyScript believes that as mobile devices become more prominent in everyday life, interactive ink will be the way of the future. Its ultimate goal is to “bridge the gap between the paper and the digital world,” Manceau said. The team will work to continuously improve this next-generation note-taking app in an effort to bring the simplicity and freedom of paper to tablets and other mobile devices. Both Padmanabhan and Manceau are confident in the app’s ability to change the way people think about ink and soon become a go-to collaboration tool for many organizations.

Nebo is currently available on the Windows and Apple app stores and is arriving on Google Play soon.

About the Mobile Apps Showdown

The Mobile Apps Showdown was created to showcase the best of the best in mobile apps on a grand stage at CES. Although the winner is announced live, the showdown actually begins months before CES starts. The contest involves both an online and onsite component where innovators submit their project months in advance to be judged by a panel of engineers, designers and developers. Winners of online voting are then determined by popular vote. For the live event, an applause-o-meter measured audience enthusiasm to select the winner.

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