5 ways to win with mobile marketing campaigns

By Scott Steinberg

Mobile marketing is skyrocketing in popularity among business leaders due to the dramatic increase in mobile devices, mobile online commerce and overall smartphone and tablet usage. However, a large portion of chief marketing officers (CMOs) feel that these advertising efforts could perform better.

Fortunately for advertising and communications professionals interested in improving campaign performance, all it often takes to boost customer engagement and ROI are a few simple shifts in thinking and strategy. The following are several hints and tips that can help you use mobile marketing to more readily connect with and engage end users:

1. Tailor content to platforms and delivery channels

Audiences interact differently with mobile devices across multiple apps, channels and communication mediums. Equally as important as identifying your target audience, where members congregate online and at what times they’re most likely to gather is designing mobile marketing campaigns that speak to them in context wherever they travel.

When designing outreach efforts, messaging should be standardized, but presentations, calls to action and methods of user interaction should be custom-built to the delivery medium. For example, what connects with customers on a social media platform will be different than what resonates with them on a second-screen app or a dedicated product/service website. Marketing programs should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather encompass a range of experiences and activities designed to engage users in different ways — all of which should reinforce a similar brand message.

2. Customize to shopper interests and preferences

Using analytics tools, big data insights and A/B testing programs, it’s now possible to track audience behavior, browsing/buying habits and which campaign assets and messages are best connecting with end users. A solid mobile marketing campaign will take these factors into account and evolve over time to become more effective in their response to market feedback.

It’s also crucial to understand which specific messages and offers to deliver to buyers and when to deliver them. For example, frequent buyers might be provided with bigger savings discounts for bulk purchases and special one-of-a-kind offers, whereas flash sales and limited-time discounts may make more sense to offer first-time or less-active users. Cloud analytics and big data insights can help you when crafting and managing campaigns to ensure programs are connecting and that every dollar placed toward promotions is well spent.

3. Go straight to your customer

Rather than rely on banner ads, pop-ups or promotions on third-party websites and channels, consider taking your message straight to customers through SMS or MMS messages. Many mobile marketing campaigns are finding tremendous success by enticing customers to opt in to these communications through free giveaways or discounts, then sending targeted offers and promotions straight to consumers’ phones and tablets.

Not only do these solutions allow you to push messages out at timely intervals, such as right before seasonal rollouts or special occasions, but they also can also utilize location-based solutions to let you message potential buyers at the time and place when they’re most likely to make a purchase.

4. Give customers reasons to share

According to Red Crow Marketing, today’s shoppers can be exposed to upward of 4,000 messages a day — and they are becoming much better at tuning those messages out. With word-of-mouth being the most successful form of advertising and the people we know serving as our most trusted reference points, it pays to turn end users into brand champions and advocates. Social networks present a perfect medium with which to engage influencers and provide them with excuses to drive buzz around your brand.

Want to drive greater audience awareness and engagement? To get consumers talking about your brand, look for ways to promote trending topics or unique discussion points such as free, limited-time giveaways, exclusive live events and one-of-a-kind opportunities, such as the chance to connect with a well-known personality.

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5. Create interactive experiences to get behind

Want to significantly boost mobile marketing effectiveness? Look for ways to invite audience participation and design programs to be more interactive, whether through sourcing contributions or feedback or providing game-like experiences or challenges they can connect to and collaborate around.

Online advertising efforts are often most effective when they’re crafted to be interactive as opposed to passive and provide users with good excuses to connect with like-minded individuals — such as extra savings and discounts, virtual collectibles or the chance to team up to overcome a challenge. The more you can create a compelling piece of content or experience that users find themselves drawn to, the less likely they are to overlook your campaign or its underlying message.

Looking for other ways to design more effective mobile advertising campaigns? Be sure to check out the 50 Most Important Marketing Charts of 2016, which offer a wealth of insights and information to draw on.

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