How emerging technology has made IBM a leading mobile services provider

By Warren Tomlin

IBM is among the Leaders of mobile services providers according to The Forrester Wave™: B2C Mobile Services Providers, Q4 2016. While mobile moment design and user experience (UX) skills, employee retention, and partner ecosystems are all differentiating factors that separate the leaders from the rest.

Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need services providers and mobile application platforms that can support their user-experience visions. This doesn’t happen through creating the same, tried-and-true mobile app; these visions become reality when we can match up innovative technology with mobile needs.

Changing mobile behavior

Consumer mobile expectations are constantly increasing, and their mobile behavior is evolving. Mobile devices have become a source for everything from navigating the road to opening doors to checking finances. According to dscout, average smartphone users engage in 76 mobile sessions a day in about 145 minutes. Users are spending significant time on their phones in “micro-moments.” Google found that users’ mobile sessions clocked in at around one minute and 10 seconds. In these tiny moments, companies must provide value to their users.

Emerging technology and mobile

At IBM, we understand that in order to keep up with users’ preferences, time constraints and behaviors, mobile experiences should incorporate the latest innovations. IBM was recognized in The Forrester Wave™: B2C Mobile Services Providers, Q4 2016 for its “good fit for companies that have complex needs and are looking for a partner that can help them transform their business through a blend of creative, strategy, and technology.” We want to provide a service that creates digital transformations within businesses.

Adding features and functions because we think they’re exciting won’t achieve that. We must add features that make customers’ lives easier, processes faster and interfaces more intuitive. Everything that goes into crafting any tech experience has to start with the user experience as a priority.

Using our mobile application platform and integrating cognitive computing with mobile projects, we can provide more seamless experiences for both users and developers. Developers are able to pull insights and metrics from users without them having to actively give information. This makes the analysis and update process quicker and more efficient. There’s no need to wait around to gather metrics when we can pull them whenever we need. In addition, our mobile application platform has shifted to the cloud, which is “the future of mobile development and application delivery” according to another report, The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016.

Bringing it all together

We are able to effectively use our resources to help companies create the mobile experiences they envision by keeping user needs and behaviors, company goals, and emerging technology in mind. Our partnerships with Apple, Box, Facebook, SAP, Twitter and The Weather Company allows us to create those seamless experiences users demand.

Being among the Leaders of both The Forrester Wave™: B2C Mobile Services Providers, Q4 2016 and The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016, shows how we are creating mobile experiences that provide value for companies and users. We will continue to explore emerging technology and look at ways to implement it into our projects.

Written By

Warren Tomlin

IBM Vice President

Warren Tomlin is an IBM Vice President and Partner with more than 20 years of experience in strategy, innovation, product development and online marketing. Recognized as one of Marketing magazine’s 100 Thought Leaders, Warren is our Global Mobile Leader. He is also an IBM…

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