5 mobile developer skills enterprises need to look for

By Karin Kelley

Mobile app development is an inherently rapid process, and enterprises face constant challenges in this competitive, growing environment. Enterprise Apps Tech News reported that the mobile enterprise business application market will grow to $63 billion by 2020, up from $40.5 billion in 2015, according to research from Strategy Analytics. With those projections, it’s essential for enterprises to put together teams with the right mobile developer skills to stay competitive — or even viable — in today’s rapidly evolving world.

In order to meet these new demands, enterprises must seek out employees or outsourced app development firms with multiple mobile developer skills across multiple devices, operating systems and clouds (both public and private). In this endeavor, businesses run into another challenge — getting a team with complementary skill sets to work together in a cohesive and productive fashion.

When seeking out mobile developers, enterprises should look for the five following essential mobile developer skills:

1. Modern coding languages and native app expertise

Enterprises must find engineers with expertise in modern coding languages for mobile development, such as HTML5, Java, C++, Objective-C, Swift and C#. Additionally, because users access apps from multiple devices, businesses need developers with specific experience coding for native mobile apps across multiple operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

2. Cross-platform capabilities

Though it’s essential for enterprises to hire engineers with multiple mobile developer skills and native app skills, these teams can’t work in the siloed fashion of yesteryear if they want to keep up with the rapid nature of mobility. With cross-platform frameworks, enterprises can overcome this challenge by letting coders with specified expertise use interchangeable and reusable modules to quickly build apps across multiple platforms.

3. Integration with cloud infrastructure

Because so many apps are being developed or deployed on cloud platforms, today’s mobile developers must be familiar with and able to integrate mobile applications with different technologies. More specifically, developers need to know how to push or pull data from the applications in or out of these systems.

4. Data expertise

Data drives everything in today’s cloudy and hyperconnected world, so mobile development teams must have qualified data engineers on board. These engineers must be well-versed in databases and repositories from a wide variety of sources and create applications that can interact seamlessly with those. To make the best use of the massive amount of data that is constantly being generated, developers also need to have the skills to integrate mobile applications with back-end data analytics platforms to align with business objectives and procedures with apps.

5. Agile methodologies

Underpinning the entire mobile application development process — and perhaps the most important factor to achieve success — is the adoption of agile methodologies. Like cross-platform capabilities, an agile approach breaks down the walls between teams within the organization — and ultimately, the users — allowing for a faster, more iterative development process. Mobile developers must have the skills and temperament to work in these increasingly flexible and collaborative environments.

With the right team in place, enterprises will be able to manage the tough challenges and stay ahead in a data-driven world.

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