3 ways true mobile innovators embrace the evolution of mobile

By Jenni Klinger

You must have heard it a million times: to stay ahead of competitors, organizations need to implement mobile-first strategies, embrace the evolution of mobile and stay innovative. Seventy-one percent of companies say increased demand for mobile application access is their number-one pressure, according to the Aberdeen Group.

What some enterprise leaders may not know is that a mobile strategy is so much more than creating an app for customers or employees to use. It’s about understanding that mobile adoption has fundamentally changed their industries and markets. The very essence of what services or products a company provides is changing with this evolution of mobile and companies have to keep pace to stay in the game.

The leaders in this area are organizations that move quickly to implement new mobile innovations into their overall business strategies to better engage with customers, open up new business channels and increase ROI. These organizations are 10 times more likely to have very or extremely satisfied users and four times more likely to see high mobile application and service adoption rates, according to the latest report from the Aberdeen Group.

What does it mean to embrace the evolution of mobile and how do these innovative organizations do it? They focus on three key activities:

  • Embracing emerging mobile capabilities
  • Continually improving mobile experiences
  • Staying innovative

As you can see, success truly depends on the organization’s focus on mobile.

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Jenni Klinger

Blog Manager, IBM Mobile

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