IBM MobileFirst for iOS: The power of Watson at the fingertips of mobile professionals

By Mahmoud Nagshineh

Nearly four years ago, the mobile experience of professionals at work couldn’t compare to what they enjoyed as consumers — until IBM established a new market with its MobileFirst strategy, one that centers mobility around deep, enterprise scale transformation.

Today, through our partnership with Apple, we’ve helped thousands of companies change how professionals work by putting data and analytics in the hands of employees. Yet, we’ve just scratched the surface of what can be done in enterprise mobility. We expect unprecedented growth with endless use cases, particularly as we deliver the next big wave of innovation: cognitive computing.

Building more than a pretty app

IBM is now a one-stop shop to partner with enterprises through every step of their mobile transformation and innovation — from designing beautiful, compelling apps to securing integration with core enterprise systems — for a complete mobile platform delivered at speed and scale. Today, we’re taking this to a whole new level. We’re introducing the next-generation mobile experience for professionals — enterprise apps enhanced with cognitive capabilities for unparalleled decision-making.

Creating a new, more engaging user experience

Cognitive computing is a breakthrough that will change how employees interact with enterprise apps. At IBM, we will lift the productivity and overall experience of professionals by combining Watson with IBM MobileFirst for iOS and custom-built iOS apps. We’re offering the first made-for-business digital assistant — one where professionals engage with apps in unique ways.

We’re unveiling some of these first-of-a-kind cognitive mobile innovations this week at IBM’s World of Watson event in Las Vegas. IBM’s made-for-business apps can now embed a variety of Watson APIs, including Watson-enabled speech interaction and natural language processing which allows professionals to control the apps and easily interact with business processes using their voice. The result is a simple, hands-free solution for the professional when they need it most.

A field technician, for example, can verbally interact with the Find & Fix app integrated with Watson while they are busy servicing equipment in the field. Using voice prompts, the technician can modify the day’s remaining schedule of jobs, as well as ask for suggestions on how to solve equipment problems.

Putting cognitive in the palm of your hand

Cognitive and mobile is a powerful combination that can be applied to multiple roles to help move any industry forward. By integrating Watson technology into IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps, they now have the ability to understand, reason and learn for a more natural, more connected and deeper level of engagement. Apps will connect professionals to more insightful, richer content that will change how they approach work. Quite simply, we’re making our apps smarter and easier to use so professionals can make better decisions and deliver superior customer service.

For example, flight attendants can gain a deeper view into a traveler’s personality to enhance the in-flight experience — from seating assignments to snack and beverage choices.

By integrating cognitive innovations, enterprises can take mobility to a new level — creating a new way for employees to engage with mobile devices that will elevate performance. This is Watson powering mobile business delivered from the cloud. What an amazing experience and an extraordinary path to digital transformation.

Written By

Mahmoud Nagshineh

General Manager, Apple Partnership at IBM

Dr. Mahmoud Naghshineh is General Manager, Apple Partnership. He is responsible for the scaling of the Apple and IBM partnership, delivering made-for-business apps that change how companies do business by connecting users to data, analytics and cognitive capabilities directly from…

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