How to become a mobile innovator by embracing mobile evolution

By Jenni Klinger

A mobile-first approach is no longer enough for companies to stay ahead in their industries and markets. While modern users expect every interaction with an organization to be easy, seamless, natural and intuitive, they also expect personalized experiences to provide even greater value.

Businesses leading the way in this mobile movement constantly work at keeping pace with the latest innovations, such as virtual reality and cognitive computing, to avoid being left in the dust of modern technology.

Organizations embracing the use of modern mobile technology see improvement in customer engagement, new strategies and increased ROI.

According to a study from Aberdeen Group, “How Leading Businesses Are Embracing the Evolution of Mobile,” companies that get the most out of their mobile investments are 10 times more likely to have very or extremely satisfied users and four times more likely to see high mobile application and service adoption rates.

Want to find out more about the ways organizations use mobile initiatives to satisfy customers and boost profitability?

Read the Aberdeen report on the evolution of mobile

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Jenni Klinger

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