AI-powered apps: The power of cognitive and mobile

By Penny Schlyer

Today, I sent super-hip dress socks to a friend who lives in Chicago while sitting at my sons’ swim meet in Indianapolis. Using a mobile app infused with cognitive, I was able to find and order a really cool gift that I otherwise would not have thought of in less than three minutes. I did it using the 1-800-Flowers mobile app with a new AI gift concierge called GWYN. Now I have one less thing on the to-do list. I sent the gift on time, and the best part is that I think he’ll really like it. Cognitive and mobile deliver valuable customer experiences.

According to Google, we’re spending less than 3 minutes at a time executing essential tasks from our mobile devices. They call these micro-moments, and we fit them in between meetings, during sporting events and on business trips. Contextually relevant, AI-powered mobile apps are the key to capturing these valuable transactions and are increasing in popularity in all industries.

Tech-savvy businesses understand this trend toward cognitive and mobile commerce and are scrambling to rationalize how these capabilities and other contextual mobile services can help them stay relevant in their market. The pressure for first-mover advantage is intense, and creating a rich experience that supports those micro-moments requires a strategic plan executed with agile development methodologies that promote continuous iteration and incremental growth. This means that collaboration between the business, IT and developers is an essential part of delivering enterprise mobility solutions that delight customers wherever they may be.

Communities on the cloud are fueling this intense innovation with cognitive and mobile and are extending these resources beyond the developer community. Now, those who simply have an idea can hop online and use low-code or no-code mobile app development tools to create a prototype of their vision, then work with developers to bring that vision to life. It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be costly. But at this point in time, it must be a modus operandi for survival.

AI and cognitive capabilities in GWYN and many others are accessible on the cloud through IBM Watson as APIs, so visionaries and developers alike can feasibly deliver personalized capabilities as part of their mobile experience. These APIs feature tone analysis, personality insights and image analytics. Envision how tone analysis can inform your business’s customer service, how understanding personality can lead to more effective marketing tactics, how tapping into behavior can motivate patients or how applying image analytics can enable personalized shopping.

With cloud, cognitive and mobile, the pace of innovation has accelerated — and the possibilities are endless. I’m very much looking forward to IBM’s World of Watson next week, where a multitude of startups and enterprises will show off how they’re using cloud, analytics, cognitive and mobile in cost-effective ways to create unique and relevant digital experiences. We are in a culture of technological innovation in which business leaders can conceive ideas by playing with the technology and more effectively partner with IT and developers to turn ideas into real business results.

Written By

Penny Schlyer

Portfolio Marketing Leader, IBM Mobile

Portfolio marketing leader responsible for helping line of business understand the value that contextual and cognitive mobile services on the IBM Cloud bring to engagement to help brands differentiate their experience.

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