How mobile solutions can make every worker a knowledge worker

By Jenni Klinger

An organization can become more efficient when every worker is a knowledge worker and has access to the right information at the right times. With 92 percent of adults and 84 percent of hourly workers carrying mobile devices, organizations are seeking new mobile solutions to reshape their business models, allow for mobility across their workforces and ultimately see mobile ROI.

The latest report from IBM explores how advancements in mobility and cloud are enabling everyone to be a knowledge worker.

To get all employees across an organization the data they need, an effective mobile solutions delivery platform must be put in place. Some essentials to incorporate into this platform include the following:

  • Security
    The sensitive corporate information employees access through their personal mobile devices is out of the organization’s control. A platform that ensures complete and reliable security across mobile devices, apps, content and data is essential.
  • Real-time and cognitive capabilities
    Workers need access to the most up-to-date information and cognitive capabilities to gain greater insight into the work they do. Through natural language processing, the application can gain knowledge over time and further assist workers in their roles.
  • Next-generation DevOps functionality
    The strategic mobile development platform must be able to shorten the cycle of design, development and deployment to meet new demands for mobile apps. APIs that can improve this process are central to current development efforts. It’s essential to have a platform that can readily support multiple APIs and microservices.

A complete, long-term mobile solutions strategy that aligns with business goals can help strategically align workers across the organization to achieve ROI.

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Jenni Klinger

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