xApp analytics creates new insights for mobile-focused enterprises

By Jonathan Crowl

At the most fundamental level, enterprise analytics comprises two key ingredients: data to be analyzed and systems to interpret this information accurately. On the mobile front, these opportunities can be more bountiful yet more complicated. Potential data channels are seemingly endless, and the overload of information can be difficult to handle.

In many cases, enterprises struggle with how to best leverage that data to produce better insights. That’s part of the design behind xApp Analytics, a solution that breaks down constraints on data-driven insights and can be used to build a better mobile strategy.

Business process experts can keep plenty busy with this solution as they build a framework for better insights, implement the product and customize their approach to generate unique interpretations that specifically relate to their mobile ventures.

Custom views through analytics

Analytics are only effective because they are able to contextualize data. Without that context, the information is meaningless. In many cases, analytics solutions are designed to accommodate a large base of users. Google Analytics is the biggest such solution in the world because its base services are free and its data access is massive. However, Google’s solutions are also easily applicable to virtually any business situation.

Although the information obtained through Google Analytics is insightful and necessary, it’s also incomplete. To leverage the opportunities afforded by analytics, businesses have to move beyond these standardized solutions and seek out custom analytics that speak specifically to an enterprise situation. When building analytics frameworks that will reveal new, relevant information about a company’s mobile efforts, business process experts can work with data experts to figure out which pieces of information should be emphasized and which pieces should be ignored.

xApp Analytics isn’t the first step to take when building mobile analytics solutions to improve your overall strategy. Instead, it should be thought of as a powerful extension to existing analytics that has highly effective mobile applications.

Empowering business process experts

In many cases, xApp is best managed by business process experts who can oversee a range of implementation practices related to the analytics solutions. In an enterprise environment where resources aren’t under any tight restrictions, a business process expert typically works with a data source expert and/or staff from enterprise IT to connect the analytics solution to all necessary data channels. This is critical for mobile integration. In fact, a business process expert might find shortcomings in existing channels that necessitate the creation of new acquisition channels, which IT would then have to develop.

Once these channels are in place, an integrated interface will need to be constructed. A process for gathering and analyzing data is needed, and user controls need to be developed to allow individuals to manipulate data and examine analytic insights accordingly.

Easy mobile deployment

With xApp Analytics, users can remove data that is irrelevant to current insight goals, add new data sources and customize this approach as time goes on. In this way, xApp will eventually become something unique to your company: a combination of standard analytics and your own in-house observations, built for specific insights and revelations, with unique value to your organization. This value should increase over time as organizations get smarter about their mobile applications.

As STechies points out, such SAP analytics solutions can even lend themselves to predictive insights. The suggestions from those data sets can then support mobile marketing automation, customer relationship management and other strategies that improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

xApp Analytics has always billed itself as a strategic tool that forces brands to think outside the box. That creative thinking is even more important on mobile, where data and consumer engagements have grown dramatically. Enterprises need a good business process expert at the center of this initiative to ensure it is implemented properly.

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