Implementing mobile SaaS to turn mobile behaviors into profits

By Karen He

| Retail

Understanding customer behavior is vital for a company to thrive over time. A recent Gartner report shows that 89 percent of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator by 2017.

However, the reality is that even though companies of all sizes have built technology stacks, including mobile SaaS apps, that monitor and measure a variety of properties to gain better insight into their channels, these stacks rarely capture real customer behavior.

Although customer behavior is an essential part of understanding the consumer experience, it is hard to capture — and mobile behavior is even harder. Marketing gurus and e-commerce squads compare their technology stacks to identify the best mobile SaaS apps to capture customer behavior on mobile channels. Leading companies are already tracking their customers’ behaviors in real time and proactively engaging them in order to provide a compelling consumer experience through mobile SaaS apps.

Mobile SaaS can be used to understand consumer behavior. Here are some use cases from companies that have used data on consumer behavior to change their strategy to better reach those customers:

A manufacturing company spent millions of marketing dollars to create an effective mobile app

The manufacturing company anticipated customers would interact with app features such as pop-ups and drop-down menus, but a week after the launch, its marketing team learned the majority of its customers weren’t interacting with these new features. Instead, they were relying on the search bar. This caused the company to realize its customers had entered the mobile app already knowing what they needed to purchase, unlike conventional retail customers who tend to browse.

A major retailer was able to segment and target its customers by identifying their shopping behaviors

With quick behavior detection, the retailer found a subset group of customers who only purchased discounted items in bulk. These customers, who only shopped in the sale and discount sections, were high-value, returning customers the retailer could potentially target. As a result, the company engaged with these customers through targeted marketing efforts to increase their loyalty and lifetime value.

An international airline detected and mitigated fraudulent activities by identifying unique behaviors

The airline noticed that customers were canceling flights they’d already checked in to and receiving their refund on their mobile app at midnight. However, because the airline’s internal systems are reset and updated each night, the cancellations were not updated at the gates. With this insight, the airline was able to resolve internal issues and disable fraudsters from taking advantage of their system, reducing revenue losses.

These use cases illustrate that with the right mobile SaaS application, businesses can use data on customers’ behavior in order to increase revenue over time.

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