Mobile consumption: ‘Pokemon Go’ and the future of app engagement

By Scott Steinberg

Mobile consumption is at an all-time high — market watchdogs such as Zenith Optimedia are forecasting a 28 percent growth in internet use on portable devices this year alone. This figure will likely compound in coming years due to the rise of breakout apps such as the new mobile video game “Pokemon Go,” which has been downloaded and installed on more smartphones than pop culture smashes like Twitter and Tinder, according to Business Insider.

‘Pokemon Go’ drives unprecedented mobile consumption

The new game is a location-based adventure where players travel between real-world locations to capture, train and battle virtual monsters. Just to put the craze into perspective, within a week of its US launch, “Pokemon Go” had users hooked — according to the Los Angeles Times, players were spending more time catching Pokemon than on wildly popular apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

What’s more, small businesses and restaurants around the country figured out that so many people were playing the game that if they invested as little as $10 to place Pokemon in their establishments, they could grow their business by 75 percent, according to the New York Post.

Clearly, mobile consumption is skyrocketing thanks to the success of “Pokemon Go” and other viral apps. Chances are that it will only continue to do so as more brands master the latest mobile technologies such as augmented and virtual reality.

Making the most of new mobile technologies

Businesses in all industries are looking at the meteoric rise of this game and considering how they can replicate its success. The following are several important lessons in leveraging mobile technologies to drive successful enterprise growth:

  • Interactive experiences — especially location-based experiences — that work themselves into players’ everyday routines and invite them to experience their surroundings in new ways can prove hugely compelling.
  • Apps, services and solutions that incorporate social elements and invite players to connect, communicate and collaborate with other like-minded individuals will also enjoy an advantage over more passive experiences.
  • Want to better capture customers’ attention? It’s vital to design apps that allow them to enjoy customized, personalized and on-demand experiences that are tailored to their individual preferences and habits.
  • Augmented reality features — such as the ability to hold up your phone, scan your surroundings and see which stores in the area have the best prices — may be increasingly valuable to customers.
  • Mobile consumption of data and content is skyrocketing, and users will increasingly demand apps and websites whose interfaces, displays and presentations are specifically configured for mobile viewing. Enterprise teams should specifically design solutions for mobile devices going forward.

Several factors, including nostalgia, brand awareness, growing comfort with mobile technologies and interest in social experiences, have combined to make “Pokemon Go” a smash hit. Just as enterprise leaders can tap into augmented reality and other new mobile tools to design more successful products, they should also leverage other factors like these to increase their chances of success.

Effects beyond increased mobile use

“Pokemon Go” and the augmented reality technology that powers it haven’t just driven massive interest in mobile consumption and play — they’ve also helped illustrate just how effectively mobile solutions can connect with and engage audiences. When an app is designed to organically integrate with a user’s interests and day-to-day routines, including strong social and psychological hooks, it will very likely compel users into regular action.

Enterprises should keep these design principles in mind and continue to invest in new and novel uses of mobile technology. Who knows, the next “Pokemon Go” or its business-oriented equivalent could be your own creation.

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