Mobile app analytics need democracy to provide insights for all

By Karen He

Have you ever engaged in a “he said, she said” conversation that just goes nowhere? I’ve been in far too many situations where I spend time gathering all kinds of information from different people, but in the end, none of the data matches. Too often, I would then get my wrists slapped because I didn’t have the right data.

The same thing happens to digital leaders and developers when they can’t make sense of their mobile app analytics. Teams across the organization have data strung together by multiple analytics tools, and their various results all tell different stories about customer behavior. With so much data contributed from each team, companies end up with more unsolved questions than answers. The bottom line is that they don’t have the right mobile analytics to learn about their customers and improve their app.

Piecemeal analytics data is useless

More than ever, teams are working collaboratively to serve their customers and delight them with exceptional experiences across all the touchpoints in their journey. However, teams are fragmented and often speak different languages due to the disparate tools each uses. These tools push out data that is good for one specific set of users, but unhelpful for another. Developers and other key stakeholders then get mobile data in a piecemeal fashion, rendering it essentially useless for their purposes.

Back in May, I presented on how companies can improve customer engagement on mobile apps with the help of analytics. Companies are often aware of the importance of improving customers’ experiences, but their departments do not trust data from other teams. As such, there needs to be a single solution that can be used by different roles, letting users access data and reports they care about from the same comprehensive data pool. This single solution with unified data would increase trust and collaboration among teams.

Making the most of mobile analytics

Mobile app analytics work best when it’s a truly collaborative process and everyone can use the resulting insights. Businesses can break down silos within their organization by empowering employees, including executives, marketers, developers and customer service representatives, with the same data and language to interpret it. In return, teams can improve their communication, results and experiences for their mobile customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if businesses could have one single solution that allowed all users to get on the same page, finally understand the context behind the mobile app analytics and improve customer engagement along the way? Someone should create a tool that does just that …

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Karen He

Product Marketing Manager at IBM Tealeaf

Karen He is a hands on professional with Product Marketing and Product Management focus. She plays an integral role in IBM Tealeaf's product marketing team, enjoy working closely with Product Management, Marketing Communications, Field Marketing and Sales teams across IBM to formulate…

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