How to optimize mobile initiatives with IBM MaaS360

By Jonathan Hassell

Mobile devices abound, whether they’re owned by a business or owned by an employee and simply used for business purposes. With the proliferation of mobile devices comes the need to protect those devices and control how business assets are secured. The IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform does just that.

How does MaaS360 EMM optimize mobile initiatives and secure all users, devices and apps in a single platform? The basic premise of MaaS360 is to unite the management of mobile devices, the apps on those mobile devices and any content within the apps through enterprise-grade security. This way, while your employees and customers get the benefits of collaborating and interacting with each other over mobile devices, they are not susceptible to the thousands of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that exist in today’s digital world.

Centralizing and deploying EMM policies

Using MaaS360, organizations can optimize their mobile initiatives by providing apps and devices to users that need them. Enterprises can set users up with all the access required to achieve their objectives while locking down the remainder of the device and extraneous apps to prevent unauthorized usage or security breaches.

With the MaaS360 platform Management Suite, you are given a centralized hub for establishing device usage workflows and overarching policies, so no matter which mobile platforms you are running or how many devices you have out there, you can navigate them in one central place and efficiently manage policy and workflow. Enrolling devices in management can be done quickly, and your existing investments in enterprise infrastructure, such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 and Lotus Notes, can still be used, as MaaS360 integrates well within your existing systems. You can also configure email, calendar, contacts, wifi and VPN profiles, restrict device features such as the camera, screen capture and cloud backup, as well as specify passcode policies, encryption settings, jailbroken device restrictions and policies for specific devices or personas.

Getting real-time insight into mobile usage

Mobile initiatives can also be measured and tracked through the MaaS360 Management Suite’s real-time visibility into how apps, devices and content are being used on the corporation’s deployed devices. You can get instant insight into users, devices, apps and content all from a single pane. You can use device views to troubleshoot and fix issues, set up a self-service portal so users can remediate low-priority issues without the IT team, see a graphical summary of operations and compliance, run detailed reports on hardware and software inventory and remotely locate, lock or wipe lost or stolen devices.

Managing and controlling mobile expenses

Expense management is another way enterprises can optimize their mobile initiatives. Using MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management, you can set up expense policies that apply to the entire business, then track mobile data and app usage in real time, seeing how specific actions affect and deplete allowances under the set policies. You can create policies that limit voice and data roaming, assign voice and data policies to specific devices, manage wireless plans, data usage trends and policies from a single console and redirect accountability to individual employees and users with self-service usage monitoring tools.

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