Business mobility drives need for chief marketing technologists

In recent years, collaboration between CIOs and CMOs has become essential for enterprises to effectively use marketing technology. This has been especially important for business mobility, personalization, brand resonance and customer segmentation. The overlap between the two roles has increased to the point that a new executive position has emerged: the chief marketing technologist (CMT).

The importance of using marketing insights and technology tools to drive revenue is highlighted by the recent increase in data analytics and mobile business operations. With the use of these advanced tools, collaboration between CIOs and CMOs is no longer enough to ensure success in today’s environment. Enterprises need a executive whose responsibility is to drive technology innovations into marketing efforts. This position requires advanced technical understanding; Inc. notes that many CMTs are former CIOs who have an affinity for marketing.

Increased importance of mobile business operations

As businesses and customers become increasingly reliant on mobile technologies, IT teams must create flexible mobile infrastructures that support the business mission while engaging partners and customers. To do so successfully, a technical understanding of the mobile platform and how it integrates with the existing IT structure is required. The result will come up short, however, if customers’ needs are not taken into account and if product changes are not communicated effectively — this is where the marketing department and CMT are instrumental.

By being able to understand customer segmentation, personalization needs, mobile business operations and technical requirements, CMTs can ensure that all needs are addressed within the same mobile solution. It goes beyond simply serving as a liaison, however. The CMT is often the person who truly understands the needs of a mobile business’s operations and ensures that the end result meets the requirements.

The evolving role of the chief marketing technologist

So what are the responsibilities of a CMT, and how should enterprises design the job specs? Most importantly, a CMT role is not a boilerplate job description that can be applied to any company. For the CMT — and by extension, the enterprise — to be successful, it is essential to craft the position to complement the company’s specific needs as they pertain to the integration of marketing, technology and business mobility.

The first step is to review the current processes, projects and tasks that overlap between the marketing and IT departments. Consider which responsibilities bridge these departments and would be best served by someone with a foot on both sides. Once ownership of these responsibilities is assumed by a CMT, these tasks can be removed from either the CIO’s or CMO’s job description.

The next step is to look at customer complaints from the mobile business operations side. Could any of these problems have been proactively solved by better integration of marketing and technology? This analysis will become central to the CMT’s role. Additionally, survey the sales department about the effectiveness of current customer segmentation, personalization and brand renaissance processes, and brainstorm how these areas can be improved. Use this information to craft a list of responsibilities that addresses business needs that are not currently being met.

Once a blueprint for the position is created, it’s essential to put it into action. While finding the right person and getting executive buy-in will likely require persistence, the business results from creating a CMT position will speak for themselves.

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